Life Tapestry Creations: When Your Heart Says, “Yes” and Your Inner-Voice Screams, “No”

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You are beginning to align with your heart instead of your intellectual anger as you observe those who oppose you in thought or action.

Despite your need to display your outer-self love resulting from your heart opening, you must honor yourself first. For perhaps you think heart-opening means once again that others are more important than you.

Without self-love, loving others more than yourself is merely another 3D caretaking mode with a different title. Because you were inundated with that philosophy in 3D, it is easy for you to again accept that displaying love means loving others is more important than loving yourself. Such is not true and never has been. Even so, that is a lesson some of you continue to have difficulties understanding.

Your inner-voice is your new command center. You no longer need to depend on the approval of friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers. For doing so is merely a replication of your 3D life.

The only approval you need now and forever is the sense of rightness you feel when your actions are from your heart, your new internal voice.

Your being is filled with personal wisdom.

But just as was true months ago, this distinction may be a bit difficult to discern as you begin to display your new heart-opening. Even though your heart-opening will be a natural progression deepening throughout this earth life, your beyond 3D need to love yourself as much as others will redirect your actions.

You are combining self-love with heart-opening – a new and somewhat difficult combination for some of you. So it is you will jump between caretaking and self-love for a bit until you find your balance. Your heartstrings will likely be pulled by those who want you to care for them despite you needing to negate yourself to do so.

Not everyone in your sphere of knowingness has completed the transition phases you have. Those beings who have not might be in narcissistic or other self-need modes that care little for your needs or dispair. Those beings might push you to the limit to determine how strong you are in your new being. A bit like a three-year-old sneaking a cookie before dinner. Such action is cute in a three-year-old but can be devastating to you in your new, somewhat fragile open heart state.

Those who have not yet transitioned to this point will test you in every way possible, for they need your energy to continue their self-centered actions. Some might even label such actions as emotional vampirism.

You will know if opening your heart to someone is appropriate for you or merely meeting their needs by the contentment and joy you feel during and after the interaction.

You are opening your being in ways you never have before while of the earth. Doing so might attract those humans who feed off others without giving anything in return. Your need for the first few weeks of this new year is to discern which, if any of those beings, will bring joy to your being if you open your heart to them.

Many of you question the difference between 3D caretaking and this new declaration of your open heart.

You will likely be a bit more vulnerable because your internal being is opening as never before. At the same time, those who crave the need for a caretaker will be attracted to you in ways you will likely not understand. Allow yourself time to ponder their needs versus your needs. Then allow yourself to say, “No” or “Let me think about that.” or to disconnect from those beings completely.

Such will be difficult if they are family members, employers, or close friends. But remember you are on a new path with new skills, in a new earth. And everyone is evolving at a different pace in different ways.

By not allowing someone – no matter their relationship to you – to take advantage of your new heart-opening, you might be encouraging them to evolve more rapidly. Their sequence of evolution is no longer your priority or even of interest. For those who wish you to do their inner work for them are merely parasites who will never evolve if they have your ongoing support despite your needs.

You are no longer a savior of others. You forerunners completed your major earth shifting role. Your role now is similar to completing your course requirements and allowing yourself to address those fun courses that do not necessarily apply to your college major. Now, your key dynamic is self-evolution. The second and third waves following you are more likely to be transition models for those who want you to care for them without concerns about your needs or interests.

Allow yourself to evolve without feeling guilty that others are not or that others want you to do it for them. No one can transition on the backs of or through the caretaking of others. Ignoring your inner voice because you feel sorry for them or they touch your heartstrings despite your inner-voice shouting, “No!” is to delay your progress and theirs. So be it. Amen.

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