2021 Energetic Overview

sunny era of light dot comAnnual SOLAR Rhythm

The Sun spends about a month in each Sign, Aries through Pisces, every year. It has an Annual Rhythm that we can learn to sync-up with that is really juicy to co-create with consciously. You have your Birthday, aka Solar Return to where it was when you were born and that is a great Annual Rhythm to know for yourself. But I’ve taken it one step further and been testing my theory of starting my “New Year” with my Rising Sign Birthday. So for example, I have a 10* Sag Rising, so my Annual Rhythm starts Dec 2nd every year and I consciously co-create with the Sun as it stimulates my chart month-by-month. Getting to know this rhythm has helped me take better care of myself and my collaborations have been more fruitful when I work-it this way too. I have created a tool for this so if you’d like to know more about your own, eMail me HERE. Another branch of this is scheduling your own public appearances, workshops, webinars or community circles. Many of you are leaders of your own Circles and come to me to help you map out what is best for you, the teacher/guide, so you can give your BEST to your own students and clients.

2021 LUNAR Rhythms

Moons to be Mindful of are the SUPER Moons and the Lunar & Solar ECLIPSES. Super Moons are when the Sun, Moon & Earth are in a tighter, more exact alignment and the Moon is closer to the Earth than usual, which increases the electro-magnetic pull on both our bodies and our oceans. They happen every year, with 2-3 Super/New Moons and 2-3 Super/Full Moons so it is good to know when these surges or waves of energy will be happening. Eclipses facilitate permanent changes and help push us out of comfort zone and into new territory whether we think we are ready or not. Eclipses always bring an Initiation or a MidPoint in a 20-year cycle, and again, we have Eclipses every year, so there is always “energy for change” but the Signs activate the energies, lessons & themes that we all have to navigate.

Spring 2021 ~ Super/Full Moons in SCORPIO & SAG will help any conscious soul work you can do in those departments. In general, those two have to do with our Soul & Spirit, our deepest depths and highest heights and they are also known as Raw Truth that leads to Higher Truth ~ which we get to explore or experience every year. In the Spring, we do the release work around old thoughts & feelings which no longer apply in the here & now. Being Super/Full Moons, your release work may be more intense, but I also believe you can get more accomplished because of it too. The bonus here in 2021 is that the Sag Super/Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, so we are not only releasing the last 6-months to a year, but we are also releasing 10 and 20-year cycles as well. So every little bit that you can do will be helpful to the social/collective realms as we all navigate these intense lunations. Again, they happen every year, what changes is the Signs that they fall in and the Signs represent the energy, lessons & themes activated by their presence.

Fall 2021 ~ Super/New Moons in SCORPIO, SAG & CAPRICORN will complement the soul work you did in the Spring. You cleared space in these same departments that you are going to be seeding now. Plus, you get the bonus of a 3rd Super/New Moon in Capricorn to claim a New Reality & Purpose, on an individual level, that will ripple out to affect the social/collective realms as they birth the larger cycles we all have to navigate. Keep in mind that New Moons are when the sky is dark so it can feel more like the “emptying out” of the last cycle than it does “initiating” a new cycle (to some), but that is the Zero Point of Possibilities – it is the in-between space of conception so learn the Lunar Rhythm if you want to sync up with the Rhythms of Creation.

Nodes & Eclipses ~ are related. All of 2021, the North Node is in Gemini, suggesting our social/collective focus should be on creating innovative solutions to age-old problems. It is the energy of gathering ideas or exploring alternatives to what you’ve been doing over the last 10 and 20-year cycles. It gives us about 18-months of energy before it shifts, which it will do by moving into Taurus in January of 2022. That will shift the vibe considerably. But before we get there, we have to finish our release work with the South Node in Sagittarius, which means we’ve completed a 20-year cycle of ideas & beliefs and of telling a story or living a narrative that truly no longer applies. So this energy is helping us let go of believing things that are not true, no longer true or never were true. This energy is helping us find the value in diversity, the strength in numbers and wisdom of alternative ideas so we can release dogma, delusion & divisiveness that does not serve our Highest Good.

2021 ~ Mercury Retrograde: ALL Air = AQUARIUS/GEMINI/LIBRA

Mercury moves through the Signs & Elements in a repetitive order that you can learn to feel & follow but Retrograding in ALL one Element only occurs every 6-7 years or so and it is a powerful re-set to consciously co-create with. The last time it was ALL Air was in 2015, before that 2008, and before that 2001. So there’s a little frame of reference and you may be able to pick up on a theme. In general, this is adding to a year where Jupiter & Saturn being in Aquarius is already setting a pretty Airy Tone for this year and next (2021-2022).

Mercury is going to stimulate progressive ideas, activate more diversity & expose the true kinship of humanity as it lingers in the Air Signs of Aquarius, Gemini & Libra. It doesn’t really matter what race, creed or color, but how we express ourselves, how we communicate & socialize with each other and how our thinking evolves every year. When we have ALL Air for the year, we are presented with more options & possibilities than usual so the trick becomes being grounded & centered enough in your own Truth & Story to explore ideas without getting attached to them. It will bring lessons & tests on your discernment throughout the year, knowing what is really for you and choosing wisely.

We are also going to learn how to experiment, improvise and think on our feet this year. Above all, I hope we breathe deeper and lighten up so we can rise higher! Breathwork, Singing Bowls or Crystal Bowls, Didgeridoo and any form of Sound Healing is going to be super-useful & extra effective because it is supported by the energies too. Chanting mantras, singing, rapping, poetry and anything with VOICE will be healing as well. Trying new mediums of expression, new words & language to tell your own Story, exploring new narratives & improving your capacity for rational thought & impartial decision-making is going to be crucial to your success overall.

Jan/Feb 2021 ~ Mercury Retro in AQUARIUS:

This is an opportunity to release any attachments to the “old story” of the “old you”. 2021 is new territory and we’ve all been stripped pretty raw in 2020 so whatever parts of you, your ideas, thoughts & concepts that are still solid, those are the unique aspects of you that need to shine through in your words, thoughts & deeds going forward. So use this review to clarify where you’ve held onto an old persona over-long, assess how rigid your own thinking can be and under what circumstances it hurts more than it helps and you can break out of your own rut, if you are conscious about this time. This is the time to ask your Guides for the most creative solutions, radical ideas and unique genius to be awakened and channeled through you in a healthy, productive way that expands your individual world and makes you more valuable to the team.

May/June ~ Mercury Retro in GEMINI:

This is an opportunity to release any obsolete thinking or inadequate ideas. This is when you can come to terms, mourn if you must, then let go of all the ideas that ‘shoulda-coulda-woulda’ worked … but didn’t. You cannot afford the bandwidth these days, nor is it wise to continue investing your resources in anything that doesn’t give you a return. Your Mental Body deserves a rest so take advantage of the re-set Mercury gives you 3-4 times per year. This is when you do an official data dump of all the little non-essential, waste of time, inconsequential bits of information that we simply pick up as we navigate our everyday life. Our bodies have all kinds of antennas that send & receive information. We can sense, feel, hear, touch, taste and see data on multiple levels and that’s a lot on a regular day, but if you’ve taken in more than usual, then clearing it will also be an extended process. Most of all this is the best time to ask your Guides for the new ideas, thoughts & concepts that will communicate & express more authenticity and unique brilliance. It’s time to see the glass as half-FULL and turn your lemons into lemonade and to do that, you often have to let go of old ideas that no longer have any juice and be open to new ideas that you’ve never considered before now.

Sept/Oct ~ Mercury Retro in LIBRA:

This is the best time to release the part of you that invests in potential in others before they’ve earned your support. This is the best time to release toxic, imbalanced, abusive interactions with others. It is also time to address any imbalances in your own thinking, anything that has created more extremes than balance and ideas that distract you, get you off-course and delay your good. This is when your tolerance for disharmony will be super-low so try to be alone if being with others causes you pain, anxiety or stress. It’s great for reviewing your creative projects as well and freshening them up with a new look, feel or vibration. Most of all it is the best time to ask your Guides for your own new, original ideas that help you magnetize reciprocal relationships, creative collaborations and profitable partnerships. It is time to clear your head, release old thinking and let go of doing things alone or the hard way. It’s time to look around and see more options, opportunities and open pathways so you can take the path of least resistance, which is often the path that feels organic as it unfolds before you.

Venus Cycle ~ GEMINI/ARIES:

This cycle runs June 2020 – December 2021, which is 18-months when she spends 9-months as the Morning Star, disappears from the sky and returns as the Evening Star for the remaining 9-months. I created the Venus Circle in 2007, where we have honored the 9-months of Release Work (June 2020 – March 2021) and 9-months of Reclamation Work (April – December 2021). In this case, we are Releasing in Gemini, which is ideas, thoughts, concepts, words, ways of communicating & expressing have all run their course over the last 8-years and it is time to rebirth that department of your life because you have all new values & priorities. When you do that kind of conscious release work, it creates space, energy & resources that we use the Reclamation to channel so that we are conscious co-creators and not happy accidents or tragic victims. Following the Venus Cycle helps you stay on-track with what is most important to you.

The big news about 2021 and the Venus Cycle is that right around Spring Equinox, March 26th to be exact, Venus will connect with the Sun, activating the 9-months of Reclamation to follow, as she rises as the Evening Star. So where we were releasing Shadow Gemini, which was ideas, thoughts & concepts that no longer work or serve, we now shift the focus to reclaim our Aries, independence, drive, passion, courage of our convictions and overcoming fear of new beginnings going forward. If you want to know more, HEREis theVenus Article that I recommend everyone check-in with us at the MidPoint just to see how well you are navigating the cycle yourself and where you’re at. I will offer a FREE TeleCircle sometime in March 2021 to launch the Reclamation Work. You can go HERE to learn more about the Venus Circle and getting your own Venus Reading + Custom Guide, which does include your Personal Activations for the entire 18-month cycle. You can also go HERE to request the FREE 2-part Introduction to the current Venus Cycle in Gemini.

Mars Cycle ~ ARIES:

Last time Mars was just in Aries was Jan/Feb 2019 and I suspect that whatever was “up” at that time, in terms of your desire nature, your choices or your Inner Masculine may have given you some clues as to where you are strong and where you are weak in that aspect of your being. Now, it is entering this zone of renewal (to put it nicely) for the next 6+ months. It is time to check-in with how you negotiate on your own behalf, how you get your ideas in the world and how you hold good boundaries. The last time it lingered in Aries like this was 1988 so if you are old enough to remember what was up for you then, you may feel some reverberations in the same Area of Life (your Aries House) that you did back then. I do actually remember that one and it’s definitely reverberating again in my own life (I’d love to hear from you if you too are picking up any connections). Ultimately, Mars Retrograded Sept 9 – Nov 13, but suffice it to say that, during 2020, whatever came up for you in terms of your desire nature, individual needs & ways of going about getting them met – all came up for renewal, whether you like it or not. Who you are and what you want has evolved, at a minimum, in the last 2-year Mars Cycle but in larger ways since the late 1980’s.

Also, we cannot underestimate the power of the Warrior Spirit that both Mars & Aries represent most of the time. Let’s channel this fiery energy into something useful & relevant and not burn ourselves out before we’ve figured out who we are and what we really want. I’m going to suggest you activate your Inner Spiritual Warrior that is a fearless leader and compassionate lover of LIFE that leads you to your own Higher expression of Truth & Purpose. But be aware that not everyone understands this energy, so part of the retrograde renewal is to see its big, ugly Shadow too. I believe you can be proactive on your own behalf and get ahead of this energy by really asking the hard questions about your own Nature and activating your healing or integration process there. I personally am going to do some digging and research into my own patterns around sex and anger, which will also come up for many of you. So again, if you are more conscious about it, the less chance of hurting yourself or anyone else. This is ultimately about your independence & freedom too – what does that mean for you and look like for you? Let’s call in a new vision – on micro-levels: who you are and what you want – your purpose at this time … and on macro-levels: what it means to be a contributing citizen and responsible adult in a global family.

That was 2020, but I bring it up because Mars only Retrogrades every 2-years, so it is relatively rare, but it also sets up 2021 when Mars will finally move on in its cycle by stepping into Taurus Jan 6th. Then, its natural rhythm is about 2-months in each Sign, stimulating and awakening each department. As it does that, and after a retrograde, you are going to be making all new connections to both what you are releasing and what you are clearing space for in your own life. So I suggest you review 2020 and get all the wisdom of that year, all that you learned about your own desires & personal needs, and use this first step in the Taurus realm to set yourself up for success. Think of all your dreams & desires as getting to live in a beautiful Garden, during Jan/Feb, you are setting up your Garden, clearing space, planning what you will grow this year and making sure there is ample space for it to grow strong during the rest of the year. Mars brings energy to that Area of Life (your Taurus House) and asks you to renew your connection because it will be a good 2-years before you have access to this fuel again.

2021 Jupiter in AQUARIUS:

Jupiter has an erratic speed and takes longer through different signs, but this year it will hit Pisces by May 13th but about a month later, it will Retrograde back into Aquarius ON Summer Solstice, June 20th, and will not actually get back to Pisces until the end of the year (Dec 28th), so Jupiter in Pisces will actually color more of 2022 and will continue the same pattern with a speedy but brief dip into Aries before spending most of the year in Pisces.

Jupiter has a 12-year cycle that moves in 3-year increments. It represents teaching & learning through imagination, games and story-telling. What is your story? What has it been the last 12 years? What story do you want to tell for the upcoming 12 years? Jupiter is the Researcher, the Truth Sayer & Truth Seeker, and is all about making meaning out of the available information & experiences. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart, tends to be the Area of Life that you also prefer to “keep your own counsel” – going within to connect with the deepest and most authentic Truth for you personally. Once you have connected to your own Truth, then sharing your Story is or can be your offering to the Universe. (Have you ever heard the saying, “your life is God’s gift to you – what you do with it is your gift to God”?) When Jupiter in the sky moves into a new zone, in this case Aquarius, it is always an opportunity to release all that is no longer true for you and free your Self from beliefs which no longer serve your purpose in the here & now. This also helps you remember that Truth is fluid, it changes as you evolve and as you learn more about your Self and your world. Jupiter is also considered a *benefactor* ~ when in contact with your chart, even when challenging, you can still receive blessings & rewards, especially if you keep a positive mindset and look for the opportunities in any blockages. Where you have to “earn it” with Saturn, with Jupiter, there’s more benevolence or good karma involved.

This is a beautiful opportunity to experiment (Aquarius) with a broader perspective of what you truly believe and what you can actually ‘do’ to live in harmony with your deepest faith and philosophy of life. When Jupiter travels through each House, it will certainly liven things up! The following is some of the different things activated by Jupiter’s presence, so in 2021, it will awaken the following in your Aquarius Department, thereby affecting your Leo, Taurus & Scorpio Depts by default. It is initiating in the Aquarius Dept, Integrating in the Leo Dept and being pushed to grow in both Taurus/Scorpio Depts.

Jupiter Encourages You to:

Dream of the future / make future plans
Expand your field of knowledge / go back to school
Improve your life on one or many levels
Seek Truth, wisdom and understanding
Take risks which build your character
Be more optimistic and enthusiastic
Connect to a larger, more philosophical perspective
Activate your Spiritual Quest
Access your own Truth & Purpose
Get your PhD in *YOU*

Things to beware of as Jupiter travels thru a House or Sign …
Blind spot
Over-expansion / making things bigger than they are / exaggerate
Excesses of all kinds

2021 promises to help us all tap into our own hearts & unique essence, the part of us that we came to share with the community and the world. The cookie-cutter folks of the world are not going to be happy over the next several years because they tend to be the types that prefer to be told what to do, they like templates and things already structured so they don’t actually have to think or feel. But the wealth, value, vitality & richness of being here now and going forward, is going to be found in your unique contribution to society, your true purpose for being here before you were imprinted or influenced by your family, culture & society. Even with covid, we are going to be forming more communities than ever, connecting with helpful people and cultivating your team of support from a circle of like-minded/like-hearted souls. Consciousness and social awareness is going to grow, being different is going to be more valued and being an individual will be celebrated.

Ultimately, what is best for the greatest number is where the focus & resources will go now and for the next 200 years, at least in the social/collective realms. We are awakening and agreeing to new terms around what is socially acceptable and what is valued or valuable because it helps all involved. If it is too narrow and self-serving, it won’t gain the support it needs to expand properly. The challenge with Air Energy too is that it is all mental, so you can get stuck on ideas and beliefs and concepts, all intangibles, and you get too far away from what is real or solid (Earth) or what accommodates the natural flow of life (Water) or what inspires and activates vitality (Fire).

As individuals, Jupiter in Aquarius will help us detach from the heated emotions about our own condition or the condition of the world, and activate the part of the self that is capable of rational thought, impartial decision-making and big-picture thinking. We will easily drop the superficial or non-essential in favor of tapping into an endless reservoir of creativity and untapped imagination that is our birthright. It’s time to be more philosophical and less personal in our ideas, thoughts, beliefs and the stories we tell. Think in symbolic archetypes and remember that all archetypes have a Light & Shadow expression. See how many archetypes you think Jupiter in Aquarius could embody, like the Alchemist, Advocate or Artist ~ or Jupiter in Aquarius could activate your Inner Liberator, Networker or Visionary! Have fun exploring our differences and learning how diversity is vital to successful living on planet Earth. This is one of the things Jupiter in Aquarius will teach us.

This year is really preparing you for many things to come in the next several years. Notice. Sense. Attune. Watch. Listen. Feel each move (before you make it). Visualize every goal through to completion. Reflect on your personal cycles and where they fit in with the social/collective cycles. You are being strengthened and fortified for your future and your future is NOW. You are already in new territory. Proceed calm and alert ~ with discernment and consideration ~ with innocence but not ignorance ~ entertain the possibilities based on what you know in your heart. The more consciously we all move through this period of time, the better positioned we’ll be to build/expand in the future. Take in whatever you can, work on what intuitively jumps out as *vital* for you personally, and come back to visit the rest periodically over the next year.

2020-2023 ~ Saturn in AQUARIUS:

We are in an unprecedented Seed Time for our personal, social & collective lives. Think of Saturn as a Teacher/Guide. Think of Aries thru Pisces as the Lessons that we all have to learn and just like any other education, some things will be naturally easier & naturally harder, according to your individual blueprint. During Capricorn, the Lessons have to do with personal responsibility & accountability in a myriad of ways, as well as how we structure our lives and if they actually support/protect us (or not). Capricorn is one of Saturn’s favorite subjects to teach and you can see, it’s also an underlying theme that is carried throughout all twelve lessons because of Saturn’s natural inclinations.

We just spent the last 2+ years, in Capricorn, learning about being responsible for ourselves as individuals but also as a collective. Saturn moving through your Capricorn House was to check for stability & instability, strength & weakness – as well as the essential & the truly non-essential so that it can eliminate, fortify & upgrade to something more appropriate to here & now. Now, until Uranus was discovered, Saturn was the traditional ruler of Aquarius too so we may see an evolution of the themes already on the table. Sovereignty and the inner authority of the individual has evolved and so have the outer authorities like governments & all institutions, as well as those that they were intended to serve.

So moving through Aquarius, we will learn about self-sovereignty as well as local & global communities. This is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius ~ when we get to be our individual selves with full conscious awareness that we are an intricate piece of the whole at the same time. Saturn’s sojourn through any sign will first dig up the weaknesses and unstable aspects so that it can reorganize with the values and priorities of NOW. We are literally ending an era when government elite got to run everything and now humanity is going to shift and learn how to be self-governed and self-contained within the communities in which we actually live and function.

It’s time to dream up a new way to function on this ever-evolving – as well as living, breathing planet! I think we will also have some technological breakthroughs that actually help instead of harm the Earth. We will discover a kinship with our fellow beings that finally makes it okay and even welcome to be a unique, thinking, feeling, breathing individual. We are not cookie-cutter creatures, we are vastly different and we all have something unique to offer, just like every species of plant, mineral or animal. We are from the same family but we each bring our own particular Medicine to the mix! We are going to celebrate that … once we stabilize a new way of socializing and functioning together, rather than the old patriarchal ways of divide & conquer. Volunteering and working as a unit is going to blossom and we’ll be connecting with folks across the globe as if we are old friends or long lost relatives.

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