Ashian: Woohoo!

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomJennifer: Good morning Ashian, I have been thinking that my experience may be a useful starting point for this conversation.

Ashian: Good morning beloved sisters and brothers. Yes, let’s begin here!

J: I am aware of the new energies on the planet from what others say, but for me personally, it’s been a rollercoaster ride: one day I lack energy, another day I am listless, another day I feel depressed, another day I feel all of those things simultaneously! I had imagined new energies and new beginnings would have a freshness to them, a joy or at least not a bath of the tired old emotions.

A: First, you are not alone in this feeling, or all these feelings. New energies don’t mean that lightworkers stopped doing what they were doing: shining light and clearing darkness. However, there are new dimensions to this now which I shall share in the hope that it assists you all.

You are still shining and clearing, and you are doing that magnificently. The new energies will make this process easier and it will also do a lot of the work for you, so there is less clearing to do. A lot of the dense, stuck energy you have been clearing cannot exist in these higher vibrations you inhabit, so it … vaporises, therefore this is less work for you in the long run.

J: You do know that’s not awfully encouraging for those of us living in the present and not the long run!

A: Ah, now this is where it gets exciting! So, if you can imagine two colours, red and yellow, sitting in two paint pots beside each other, each one is the pure expression of that colour; however, in the rainbow, you have both red and yellow in their pure expression, but they are not independent – they transition from one to the other, creating orange.

You did not bounce from one vibration to another, you evolved from one vibration to another, so there is an overlap, consequently you can see both the new and the old, depending on where you look, how you are feeling and a million other factors.

If I may make this even more complex…

J: Why not!?

A: You did bounce! You did jump timelines. That is why some people are actually living in the fifth dimension; however, you bounced with lots of people whose lenses are still focused on the red, so they aren’t seeing the yellow: yet. It takes time for your eyes to become accustomed to the light when you come out of a dark tunnel, this is no different. But you will become accustomed and quicker than you imagine.

There is something I do wish to bring to your attention. Enormous amounts of work have been done behind the scenes to ready the very fabric of your society for this moment. The fabric was red – service to self – and now it is yellow (to continue the analogy) – service to others. Everything that has been put in place will soon be revealed, the red of the past will be show in its purest form and that will be hard to see. Alongside that yellow will also be shown, new structures and ideas that serve everyone, not just the elite few.

Your reactions to that will be orange – a mixture of pain from the dark times and joy at the new beginning; gradually the joy will be greater as the new ways become embedded.

You saw a gateway of golden flames in your meditation, this entry point into the new vibration is here. You have entered, it is about to become obvious to you and to everyone.

All you who have been the meek, the quiet, the hidden, will be seen for the beacons of light that you are. You will be called upon by those around you to help them make sense of how they are feeling, of what has happened to them and to the world. Don’t worry about how to explain these things, the right words will come for the right people; you are I the flow now, the new energies will pour through you in inspiration, in new ideas, in new connections with others … the magic you have been dreaming of in your life is now starting. Enjoy it!

J: Thanks a million, I appreciate all your words. Can I just ask, you told me recently that there are a lot of smokescreens at the moment, and not to believe everything I see/ hear. Can you comment on that?

A: Of course and with pleasure. There is a war of disinformation going on at present, there is information that is red, yellow and orange! The red is lies, the yellow is pure truth and the orange is mixture of both. It is hard to discern one from the other, as the red sometimes makes itself look orange or yellow, to continue our analogy.

The wisest judge of anything is how you feel inside, yet there is such volume, so much ‘quantity’ of information bombarding you in every moment, from news feeds, televisions, papers, blogs, truthers who are truthers and truthers who are not truthers… it is hard for you to keep going inside to feel into the content. Time consuming and exhausting.

The truth will emerge soon and then clarity will arrive, in the meantime, it can be helpful to form no judgement about what you hear. It can be even more helpful to limit your intake of ‘information’ at all!

Put your energy into how you feel, into creativity, into doing things that uplift you even if only for a few minutes a day. Many of you are overstretched at this time, ask for comfort, ask for peace and we will answer you. We force nothing on you, not even the good stuff!

Remember to breathe. In. Slowly. Three. Times. A. Day. You are breathing in light, you are breathing out all that is stale and no longer suits you.

Jiggle your body! Let that light that you breathe in move through your body and loosen it up. Share a little jiggle with children, with the elderly, with the poorly, even a waving of your fingers is better than nothing, because it embeds light into your body 😊

J: Thanks Ashian! I shall give that a go, more play less serious: simple and fun. Woohoo!

A: And Woohoo from us to all of you!

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert