Ashtar and The Angelic High Kingdom: Through the Chaos Comes Divine Order

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds it is I Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler along with the Angelic kingdom. Today is a special channeling. We feel today is a day that we are going to acknowledge every each and every one of you and today is a day that we’re going to talk about divine order and how special each and every one of you are and how what is going on on your planet is helping to actually birth a new civilization.

It’s actually helping to birth a civilization that is far exceed the expectations of each and every one of you and a new civilization that will be founded not on fear, not on control, not with manipulation but a civilization that will be founded on love, a civilization that would be founded on unity and a civilization that would be founded with peace.

We’re talking about divine order, we’re talking about all of your divinity and we’re talking about how these chaotic times as you see in front of you, for all your countries right now with the virus, with the vaccine mandates and with all the lies that all the governments have been pushing forward on all of you for such a very long time.

What you are seeing is the third dimensional matrix and grid system literally falling apart. It is blowing apart at the « seams ». It no longer can stand, we’re going to say the test of time going forward. It no longer can be part of what you’re rolling forward with and all of you that are going to the fifth dimension.

This chaos that you’re seeing on the external, that is out in front of you is actually the repercussions from what has happened with a very dark order.

So this is rolling out on all of you but it really is what has happened. The third dimensional matrix and grid system has actually broken apart because of what they have done to you for so very long but what they have done to you with all that has gone on on your planet for a very very very long time, generations and generations and generations they have been ruling this dark order, been ruling your planet for thousands of years.

They would incarnate back into human form and they do work with the negative ETs but they would incarnate into human form, reptilian humans, Anunnaki humans, draconian humans and they would continue this dark order over and over and over and over to maintain the control they wanted to get the resources and to have the wealth and power that they wanted and to be able to manipulate the civilization.

Well this is in the external is what you are seeing. This is the backlash of all of that, this is a systems breaking apart, this is all of you realizing now what you’ve been living with and realizing it is like the new world order, it is a very dark agenda that has been rolling out at you for a very long time actually but now you’re able to really get a good picture of what you’re seeing and you’re rolling right through it.

As this is not to be your future, this is your past, the present time you have to roll through it, you have to feel it, you have to speak up against it when it is necessary and to speak your truth peacefully, compassionately and passionately so you can roll right through this and so you can actually begin to shift not only yourselves but begin to shift the collective.

For this dark order is not what is following you to the fifth dimension, this dark order is the repercussions and the fallout from what has already been done long ago. This is the breakup, this is what you’re seeing as a third dimensional matrix and grid system is actually being broken apart and it seems.

Now you are able to create, able to come from chaos and bring in a divine order for there is a divine order that you’re all on the path following ; there is always a divine order with all things rolling out at you even with this chaos within it is divine order and from this divine order you will build a new civilization, you will birth the new earth, you will feel differently, you will push forward not only with your own gains but you will push forward for the gains of the collective.

It’ll be for the greatest good of humanity not the greatest good of those few who’ve been in power for a very long time that think they hold the power because of the money.

So you are birthing a new civilization, you are birthing a divine order out of all this chaos on this planet. There is always a divine plan in place. Your divinity far exceeds this lower third dimensional realm and what is going on here. Your divinity is to go to the fifth dimension, your divinity is to be children of the light of a higher vibration on a higher dimension and to be children of light that are living in peace, that are living with compassion, that are living with love in their hearts and that are navigating from their hearts as well.

Out of this chaos is coming divinity, out of this chaos is divine order. You are rolling through as you are supposed to, you are rolling through as your linage is to be up on the fifth dimension. There’s too many of you that are holding too much light to let this dark order and reign really be what is able to push you down.

You are rolling through it, you do need to feel it, you do need to see it and you do need to push past it, neutralize it and release it. You are going to have to speak for the truth speak up and you are going to have to speak to bring your freedom, your free will back to all of you where always should have been. It never should have been placed arm length, distance away from you.

You’re going to take your freedom back, you’re going to take your free will back and you’re going to push through all of this very quickly. You have picked the higher timelines, you’re picking the timelines to ascend as quickly as you can and you’re picking the timelines that are really going to create a new earth, a new world. You’re really birthing an earth that is going to be of perfection, you’re birthing an earth and a world that is really going to hold so much compassion and love and justice for all. It’s going to be a unified collective but a collective and a unified body of light.

Humanity is going to shift hugely. You’re going to go through a lot of shifts in your consciousness, you and the entire collective to get you where you’re going but we want to tell you that out of this chaos is the divine order of light, out of this chaos you are birthing a new planet, you’re birthing the new earth and you are seeing to it that this that’s going on now is not going to follow you where you’re going to the fifth dimension.

I Lord Ashtar along with the entire Angelic kingdom want to remind you : you have to feel this, you have to see it, you have to push past it and want better, you have to pick the higher timelines and not only the higher timelines for you but the higher timelines for all the collective as well and you’re well on your way to the fifth dimension.

We are with you, we are sending you our blessings, our love and we’re sending you peace right now as it is chaotic on your planet but it you are to rule through the chaos all of you together as one big unified body of light in the divinity that you are to be living in.

You know that you’re going to push past this, know that you’re rolling through this chaotic order, know that the truth is coming out of all this chaos, know that you’re going to take your freedom and free will and free rights back and know that you all that are supposed to ascend are going to the fifth dimension.

We’re sending you such love, we’re sending you such light and blessings.

**Channel: Lynn Rondell


Thank you Lord Ashtar, thank you angelic high kingdom, stumbling through that one a little bit, sorry guys. I look forward to bringing through many more channelings for all of you.

I am sending you such love such light and blessings.

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