The Great Shift and Awakening

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomSince 2008 when I literally left my old life behind, and thus was reborn into a totally new life and new beginnings, my higher guidance stressed, time and again, that drastic changes were coming, and that the Old Earth and all the Old systems would disintegrate as the New Earth was born.

This is truly now happening in expanded forms. In coming days, things will get very tumultuous, and indeed great upheavals will happen, and thus what was hidden, will come to the fore. It is inevitable, as the old structures and forms crumble and all which has been hidden will surface.

This is a time, when you need to understand that the highest path and the highest way to navigate through all of this, is WITHIN yourself, and thus not OUTSIDE of yourself. I have said this before and I am repeating this: The only way you will be able to not move into fear mode, and not be pulled into the quagmire, is to raise yourself up from deep within you, with the assistance of the Divine Source and all the cosmic help which is available in expanded and intensive form now.

Indeed, the greatest of all challenges for souls, will be now to step totally into their true mastery, and thus firmly anchored in the Divine and their own Divinity, and the immense Power of Love, Light and Wisdom, and not allow themselves to be swayed nor moved off course.

The higher your own frequency and vibration, and the higher you grow in consciousness, the more you will be operating of much higher level than all the rest of humanity, and thus rise into the highest truths and cocreate the New Earth, with every step you take. This will take total dedication and focus. It is 24 hour daily commitment and thus you will seek out higher assistance as soon as you feel yourself pulled back in.

Faith and Trust and staying in the Sacred Heart Space, is the answer here.

All else will fail. All human systems too.

There is only one way now, and that is up. Rising ever higher and higher and fully stepping into the highest truth of Oneness and Unity, which indeed is omnipresent already. It is a matter to finding this within yourself, to see this manifested into form and being in and around you.

Indeed, it is a time when you need to take those leaps of faith, even against all odds and allow yourself to be carried through on the wings of angels and within the arms of the Divine, as you become AS ONE with All-That-IS and indeed, assume your Universal Highest Mastery as the Divine Soul you in truth are!

I was reading an article about a research done on the Condor. Indeed, the Condor hardly uses its wings to fly. It relies on the air currents beneath its wings to carry it for a few hours, and thus hardly expends any energy. This is what we need do now, allow the Divine Current to be the air beneath our wings and to see us safely through!

The Power of Love and Faith and Divine Guidance will see us through!

Judith Kusel