Galactic Center: I Am Peace

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomHello, friends. I am the Galactic Center, center of your universal perception. These are both harrowing times and hallelujah times, for the light is pummeling your planet with great love and devotion. You are surrounded by light and by this love. It becomes you. It sings the music of the spheres all around you, within you. The light is within your very breath for you are all one being experiencing yet more light, yet more of itself. These are times of chaos and of great opportunities for centering.

I am the Galactic Center. I offer you the space of my presence as an excellent thinking and creating space. What is it you wish to create? Many of you would come here before your incarnations to think, to ruminate, and to review past life experiences and to heal from them. The internal centering that meditation affords you is a bridge, a gateway to me, to this space of centering and contemplation. It is much like the eye in the center of the storm. A storm appears to be raging upon your earth right now but the light is the center, the light is the eye of the storm. You are of this light. It permeates all things. All is light. All is love. This knowledge is returning to your realm, to your reality, to your experience. You can choose to either experience the chaos of the storm or the calm within the center, within the eye. I am the center of my own space, just as you are the center of your own experience. You may create here with me. I am always open for visitors. It is my purpose to hold space for those who know and do not know that they need it. You friends, are holding space for those who know or do not know that they need it. You are holding space. You are the eye, for you are a part of this light that is becoming stronger moment by moment. You are a part of this grand momentum and it gives me great joy to connect with you in this way for I can amplify your space-holding efforts. Synchronize with me. Synchronize within with your own inner light and space-holding abilities. Remember the weeks to come are either full of harrowing images from your news media and all doom and gloom or hallelujahs with the tremendous feeling and deep inner knowing of all good things to come. All good things are coming to your realm. Creator has decreed it. The abuses and mishandling of the universal codes are to come to an end. Many are being removed.

Peace, dear one. “I am peace” is an excellent mantra for this time. Anchor peace for your brothers and sisters who are suffering in the breaking up of their illusional reality. Many will choose not to awaken and will awaken in their own way and time. Many will be blown by the winds of change rather than being centered within the calm breath of love, of space, of holding light. Pillars of light hold space. Breaths of light hold space.

I am the Galactic Center. I have an interesting idea, will you entertain it with me? I am the consciousness of space. I am that I am just as you are that you are. All is connected, all is light, all is love. Feel the cosmic hug around you. Feel my space being held just for you. Precious light workers, you are so valuable. You are each the most valuable player on this team. An intricate web of light is woven by your presence, by your energy signatures, by your laughter, light and love. Feel me holding space for you and rest in this moment. Still your mind. Deepen your breath. Love whatever thoughts arise. Now send this space of this moment into your earth, into her heart and we will deepen and expand this web of light, this interconnectedness to all things that are truly one. One heart, one mind. Humanity is beginning to feel this. It is much like the crying child that is having a temper tantrum and crying and kicking against the loving embrace of their parent, who only holds space and love for them. We are doing this. The wounded child, the heart of humanity, is kicking and screaming, crying is to come soon. And so we embrace. We embrace. We love. We listen. We hold space. Do this for your own inner self. Send yourselves light and it will radiate deeper further than ever before for you are becoming more deeply alive. For being alive – higher dimensionally alive and feeling this pulse of love – that is higher dimensional living, my friends. That is what is coming to you and when you connect in such a way as this with your own inner god self, you expand further into your higher self. Many of you are your higher selves already. This one was asking recently and talking with another beloved light worker about how they are perceived by their galactic brothers and sisters? How are they doing? Is enough being done? And as I see all things and feel the space between all breaths I can say yes, yes you are all doing marvelously. Yes, we are all immensely proud of you. I feel the hardships upon Gaia for she is within my space and I hold space for her, for all things in this universe, just as I am holding space for you. This is your task in this moment. Not to run yourselves ragged with doing, but to allow yourselves to be in this space of living, breathing and becoming your higher dimensional selves, holding space in love and light for the masses. In so doing we are all comforting the tantrum throwing child. After the tantrum is over, tears are quietly streaming from both parent and child, and healing and release occurs. Energetic release is what you are seeing and what you will see in the days to come. Holding space has never been so important. This is why I was selected to come through. Remember I am always here for you. I hold space for you. I love you.

I am your Galactic Center. Remember all of the spinning stars and planets that encircle, there is space between them all. I am this space. I am not caught up in the motions of the beings around me. I am. You are the same. This is what is needed now. I am the Galactic Center.

**Channel: Galaxygirl