Archangel Michael: Take Time to Relax

archangel michael eraoflightdotcomI’m watching a video and I see this flash of light high up by the ceiling out of the side of my right eye! I ask, “Who’s there?” and the reply is “It’s Michael.” Archangel Michael. I was thinking of inviting him to do a new year’s video so here it is:

I am Archangel Michael. My dear loves, my beloved angels of the earth, we of the celestial realms love you with every fiber of our being. You have transcended so much, gone through so much, and fought hard for the Light.

Now take a moment to relax and celebrate your victories. Many of you who have fought hand to hand battles with dark entities, on this planet and in the astral, those of you who have fought to understand the ones that are leading your planet and to spread that knowledge around, to help others understand who they are up against.

Those of you who have engaged the darkness personally so that you could understand it, transmute it and help all of the Light to release it from planet earth. To be taken away forever and dealt with by Father who aids you in every step of your work.

Those of you who have had children of the Light, the mothers and the fathers, the children who continue to come to earth to spread the Creator’s love and knowledge of life among its people. Those who turn your backs on ignorance and embrace love, take a moment to relax now.

Take this moment to look back on what you have accomplished and know that we, of the celestial realms, salute your accomplishments. We sound our trumpets as each of you makes forward ground, we sing our sacred notes of joy as each of you accomplishes another step in your journey.

We are the ones who oversee you. We love you, we work with you, call on us in your times of need. We hear you and always care.

We are your brethren in the higher realms, who have come to help you in your salvation of this world.

You are the Light of God. We love you,

Archangel Michael.

**Source **Channel: Sharon Stewart