The Higher States Of Consciousness

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWhen we start operating from a much higher vibration and thus from the 5th and much higher dimensional state, and the return to Christedness within, we will understand that everything is energy.

Indeed, our bodies are and will transform into much higher energy, and thus in the 7th dimensional form the body starts becoming invisible to those in the lower dimensions. When it escalates into the 9th to 12th and even higher, they indeed appear as totally invisible and one can only see them through holographic imprint, or through the eyes of the soul.

Please start to understand, that the higher you go, and more step into the fullness of your mastery, and thus the Christedness, which is indeed a state of consciousness or being, the less you will be affected by what is seemingly going on on planet earth. You will indeed choose to stay in the higher vibration and not allow anyone or anything to pull you back into the quagmire of the 3D.

In this state there is Unity, Oneness, Inner Peace, Harmony.

It is indeed a state of Mastery, where one is fully anchored within and thus embraces Omnipresence. The heart center is wide open and filled with unconditional love. It is the Sacred Heart and thus sanctified.

This is the state where one is on the earth- but not of it anymore.

Thus all which happens on earth cannot have an affect you anymore.

Your vibrational frequency is too high.

It is however you own choice whether you wish to stay in the 3D and allow all to pull you in further and deeper into the abyss or leave it all behind and fully step into the higher state.

In my Soul Readings this is coming through very powerfully now, and I know this to be true for myself.

By Judith Kusel