Galactic Fleet Command: The Gathering

fleet command eraoflightdotcomDear Ones, we greet you once again with much love and joy at your awakened presence. We realize how very difficult it is for those of you who have known of us from other planets and galaxies for a very long time — and yet you must remain basically silent about this knowledge because of the lack of readiness on the part of the vast majority of humanity to know or accept us.

The very same is true about your knowledge of the true realities of COVID and the vaccines, the Dark Forces, Ascension, 5D reality vs 3D illusory reality, etc. Family members even become estranged from one another because of the variance in readiness to know and/or believe. This is perhaps the hardest part for you at this time, because you so want to bring them along with you into this liberating awareness. But instead, you must leave them in the darkness of the 3D illusion that holds them in its grip.

What is perhaps even more discouraging is when spiritual people perceive recent events through the eyes of 3D spiritual moralism. It is natural to believe that if persons claim to be Spiritual or into Spirituality, they will automatically have similar perceptions of reality that you have. You are discovering that this is not necessarily true. In this required isolation, you are often left wondering if anyone else sees the reality as you do at all.

Please know that you true Lightworkers and Wayshowers are scattered all over the world… scattered for a reason. However, please know that soon will there be a true gathering of like-minded souls for working as teams, supporting one another in the various endeavors that will be revealed..

The time of ‘The Gathering’ is soon upon you… not by membership in organized spiritual groups, but by natural innate soul discoveries and connections. The timing is uncertain because it requires the full disclosures and revelations of the massive evil that has been inherent in so much of the 3D experiencing up to now. Even then, there will be many attempts at denial of what will be revealed, for that reality has been ingrained in the human psyche for eons of Earth time. What will be most asked of you is patience and tolerance throughout the waiting period, which realistically could be rather lengthy… or not.

The greater speed will come only from your lovingly and quietly holding the light and love of the higher vibrations in your daily life. You both anchor and radiate out those higher vibrations to all around you and to the entire world. That is the power with which you are endowed in this, the greatest assignment of your entire existence,

We are so very proud and pleased about the large contingency of you Lightworkers and Wayshowers. You have no idea of the strength and empowerment from just your presence on planet Earth at this time… even if you actually seemingly ‘do’ nothing. Of course that is never true, for you are working so multi-dimensionally at all times that it is no wonder that many of you are exhausted by seemingly doing nothing.

This shall soon change, as we are trying to get you into places on the planet that will give you some protection from the onslaught of 3D activities that will be attempted after COVID ‘disappears’. Be ready for the many new 3D solutions that are already in preparation for humanity’s ‘new and improved return to normal’. The seeming reality of 3D perception is very dear to a good number of humanity. They will therefore not give it up easily.

We feel so very honored to have the privilege of now working directly with so many of you great souls dwelling on planet Earth who are making Ascension finally a reality. Without you ‘ground forces’, all the aid from above would not be possible for the ascension of Earth’s humanity with the required ascension of Mother Earth at this time.

We salute you and bless you… and ever surround you with our loving protection.


**Channel: Beth Stormont