Why We Are Having Insomnia

star bright eraoflightdotcomFor months I have been unable to sleep at night. Most nights it is at the earliest 3 am and sometimes 7 am before I get to sleep. That means I sleep until around noon every day and am always exhausted.

I thought it was just me, but someone posted about it on Facebook recently and many people were chiming in about having the same issue.

I have tried everything to get to sleep earlier but even medication doesn’t help.

Just as I lay down to relax for sleep I will start having panic attacks. I knew the panic attacks were due to all the things happening in the world right now, but have not been able to release that energy. I have tried every technique I know of and nothing has worked, so I just wait until it passes or I am so tired that I pass out.

Last night I became very anxious and emotional. There was a lot of fear and sadness moving through the Collective Consciousness. After a few hours, it occurred to me that the Universe might be letting me know that it needs something from me.

Q has been saying for a long time to pray for Trump and the White Hats who are working to free the world. I thought about that last night and began sending loving energy and prayers for the safety of the White Hats, which did help some. Then, I started sending loving, peaceful energy to humanity. That helped tremendously and I was able to get to sleep earlier than normal.

This is what those of us who are unable to sleep need to be doing.

Most people have no idea of what is happening, they just feel the energy of it, so they are very fearful. It doesn’t help that the media and Dem politicians are doing all they can to scare people about the virus. This fear recycles through the Collective Consciousness and affects all of us.

We Lightwarriors are here at this time to assist in this spiritual war between good and evil. This is something that we can each do daily to help. If you find yourself unable to sleep, send love and peace to all humanity in all countries in whatever way you choose.

Please let me know how it works for you. Share this information with those you know who are not sleeping.