Mother Mary: Peace and How it is Needed on the Planet Now

mother mary eraoflightdotcomIt is i Mother Mary coming through this channeler with a message for all of you today. I’m so very grateful that this channeler is very excited to be channeling me as I have so much information and so many blessings and gifts to bring through to all of you down on the planet and plane.

Right now tonight’s message for channeling is going to be about peace. It’s not going only be about peace within yourselves but it’s going to be about how to actually achieve peace on a planet that is in a lot of chaos right now.

So first I’m going to talk about peace and what peace represents, what we in the high collectives, the very high realms, how we view peace and what peace actually means to us.

There’s a lot of different forms of peace. It could be peace between different nations, peace and a relationship just feeling peace, peace as a sense of calmness on the planet and peace as a sense that you can retreat back to and feel calm.

The peace that I’m going to be bringing through today and talking about with all of you is peace on your planet. It’s peace in a different way that you’ve never known before but it’s peace that is needed to come forth, it’s peace that is needed to be realized and may be felt in a different way and it’s peace that is really needed to roll all of you through what you’re going through.

So first I’m going to talk about peace within you but when you go back into peace, when you go back into your heart and your heart center, when you make the external world something that is not of you but you can participate in then it is easier to go back into your heart and into a world where you can find a feeling of peace.

It doesn’t matter what’s going on out there when you sit in silence and you sit in a meditation or you just take a meditative walk or you just calm yourself down, you can always find a sense of peace.

Peace is a feeling that can be obtained by just being quiet, peace can be a feeling that can be obtained by really going within, quieting your mind and feeling for what makes you feel good. Whatever that may be that is your sense of peace.

That is what’s needed on this planet plane right now. It is needed for all of you that are awakened, for all that you who hold a higher consciousness and for all of you especially those in human form that are of the angelic realm.

You know how to hold peace, you know how to go back into your hearts, you know how to hold a sense of calmness. So we’re going to say peace is actually a sense of calmness. This is needed now as the more of you that hold peace in your heart, the more you hold peace in your consciousness, the more of you who can sit with peace for as long as you possibly can, you’re going to roll the rest of the collective through the chaos.

For the more of you who really can center into love and peace, no matter what, the more of you can leave the external and know that the external is still there and you’re still having to play in it at some point, go back in to peace.

For when you really figure out how to navigate on this planet, in the higher dimensions, you can always retreat back into your heart, you can always retreat back into the emotions, the higher emotions, you can always leave the external. It is hard for those on the third dimension to actually leave the external because you are so immersed in it but most of you are going to the fourth dimension or the fifth dimension and are holding on the fourth dimension.

It is needed for you to disconnect, unplug from the emotions and the chaos and all the energy that’s on the planet right now and retreat to your hearts feel the peace.

For if enough of you really feel the peace you will shift the entire collective forward which is needed. It is you, those that are awoken, it is you those that came out down here to do this job, it is you the lightworkers, the starseeds, the grid workers those with the high consciousness and as i’m going to say again a lot of you did jump in from the angelic realm, the angelic high kingdom, a lot of you did jump in from a lot of very high vibrating collective to be of service.

So it is to be of service now, to hold the peace, hold the peace inside of you for when you hold the peace inside of you, for as long as you possibly can, you shift the collective to that of peace as well.

It doesn’t take very many of you doing this and really consciously doing this to help all on the planet, to help all on this plane, to really roll through this.

They can gain some sense of themselves, so they can know and feel there’s something else in what’s going on right here and so they can roll through what’s being pushed out on all of you.

I’m Mother Mary, I’m helping, I’m coming through this channeler as she does work with the angelic high kingdom and we are of the angelic high kingdom. I’m going to be bringing through messages for all of you, to really help to center, to really go back to where it is needed in your hearts, to hold the emotions that are needed, the higher emotions because you can do this with helping each and every consciousness on this planet and plane.

You are divine children of the light, you are very high beings of light. You’ve come down here to orchestrate a huge dimensional raise, you’ve come down here to take part in something that has not happened in this part of the galaxy and you are here to spread peace, you are here to spread your compassion, you are here to spread your love and your light.

I Mother Mary coming through this channel are sending you my love my light and my blessings.

**Channel: Lynn Rondell


Thank you Mother Mary for that beautiful message. What a wonderful energy she has, just exquisite to be channeling that.

I hope this message resonates with all of you, i hope a lot of you can really go back to your hearts and really hold the peace for it is needed for all of us that are welcome to really help the rest of the collective right now.

I look forward to sharing and bringing through messages and helping each and every one of you, not only on your road to the ascension my job actually as a healer is to actually do a lot of healing on this planet but my job is to bring you back home to your heart.

I’m sending you such love such light and blessings.

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