The Life Path Number

numbers eraoflightdotcomWhen you delve into the deeper meaning behind numbers, you’ll find that the universe mathematically and precisely guides and predicts your life and upcoming energy trends. Numbers are like date stamps that are imprinted upon you, particularly the day that you’re born. You carry the energy of your ‘birth day’ around with you for a lifetime. In Numerology, the number of the day that you were born on, is your Life Path Number – also known as your Birth Path Number. Numbers offer an insight into the very fabric of the universe and help to explain your hidden drives and motivations, as well as those of your family and friends.

How to calculate your LIFE PATH NUMBER

Add together every digit in your full date of birth

For example, if you were born on January 1, 1970
0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 0 =19

Then add each digit of the total and reduce it to a SINGLE DIGIT

1 + 9 = 10 and 1 + 0 = 1
Your Life Path Number is 1

If your Life Path is a Master Number
If your Life Path number adds up to a DOUBLE DIGIT (i.e. 11, 22, 33 etc.) then it becomes a Master Number Life Path. You then have two possible life paths to lead, the everyday path of your single digit number, plus the higher potential of your master number path.


1: The Initiator. 1 is here to express personal power and follow through with their inspirational ideas and unique, creative ability. They’re born motivators, leaders, pioneers and promoters of others. 1 is the ideas person, being independent, influential and inventive. They can often shy away from the limelight, preferring others to receive recognition, although deep inside they seek it as well. Their greatest challenge is to ‘create’ just for themselves and to make no excuses for doing so. It’s important for 1 to see projects through from beginning to completion. They’re hugely energetic with a strong mental energy and will power. They can often desire their own way and later feel sorry if they’ve hurt others in their quest to be heard. Hence, they can often come off as too self-aware or even dominating. Yet, they are actually inquisitive and helpful at their core. Diplomacy is a growth lesson for 1. Meditation helps them to connect with their soul’s path and the universal flow.

2: The Peacemaker. 2 is such a gentle, passive and peace loving soul who also has the inner depth, understanding and strength of persistence. Never underestimate a 2, they’re powerful beings of the light. 2 loves sharing their feelings and information in intimate, close relationships. They’re psychic, tactful and born diplomats. They go in deep, think quickly and find the workings of the mind, hugely fascinating. They have a great love of nature and need to be amongst animals and plants to feel aligned and in balance. Staying indoors too long can deflate a 2 and their sensitive energy field. As the peacemaker, they’re often put into situations that are out of balance. 2 brings in harmony and resolution and hence, they can be born into heavy birth families with many issues and problems that 2 often feels responsible for fixing. It’s important for 2 to know that their physical presence and emanating energy field of love, is often enough to heal people who are in discord. Some people will love 2 and others will not. There tends to be no middle ground. It’s important that 2 doesn’t take on the judgments of others. 2 needs to cultivate a definite purpose in life. As a peacemaker, their presence can naturally agitate situations to achieve true peace, perhaps without even knowing it. 2 loves healing and the release from all pain.

3: The Creative. 3 is bright, playful, humorous, fun loving, creative and artistic. They’re enthusiastic, enjoying pleasure and all things ‘entertainment’. They adore good company and come alive in the presence of like-minded souls whom they can inspire, teach, learn from and perform for. As children, they tend to be outspoken and may continue to use this quality well into adult years, provided that they haven’t been stifled in youth. Their greatest challenge is self-doubt. 3 has so many ideas at once that they can become overwhelmed and unsure what to focus on. This may lead to them feeling scattered, never starting what they love or having multiple projects on the go at once. They can often feel overwhelmed. This can also lead to personal uncertainty of their abilities. Yet, 3 is an incredible manifestor once they learn to focus on the area that they love. They’re social and brilliant group leaders. They were born to perform, be role models and show others how not to be afraid of self-expression. They need to watch for being over-critical, impatient and intolerant of others. They make excellent teachers, writers, dancers, musicians, actors and community leaders.

4: The Devoted. 4 is dependable, trustworthy, dedicated and a loyal soul of the light. You’ll always want 4 on your side; they won’t let you down, even if it means they put themselves out. 4 is full of integrity, stability and is practically minded. They’re not afraid to roll their sleeves up and do some hard work. Their challenge is to embrace change and to be flexible, embracing some unpredictability, if they can. If 4 can’t control what comes next, they’re often at their most vulnerable. 4 is well organised and excellent at handling routine work. It’s important that 4 cultivates flexibility in their life in order to experience balance and most importantly trust in themselves and their ability. 4 is hugely capable and yet they can often underplay this talent – being extremely modest. As 4 accepts compliments and help from others, the more they’ll realise their innate goodness and worth to the planet. 4 can often be slow moving, stubborn and at times, a procrastinator. It’s often said that 4 makes the best employee because they’re dedicated and have a ‘no nonsense’ approach to life. They’re extremely loving and are also gentle souls at heart. 4 can experience the very best in life, as they loosen up and learn how to have simply have fun.

5: The Experiencer. 5 loves new experiences and the freedom that comes when they spread their wings and expand their horizons. They’re amongst the quickest witted, adaptable and easy going of all people. They take chances, can be catalysts, are wonderful motivators and intuitive writers. The challenge for 5 is to become a leader at times, rather than always following others. It’s sometimes too easy for 5 to follow what’s already laid out, rather than to initiate and complete projects of their own choosing. 5 is such a naturally devoted soul of the light, if they would only realise it. They would do anything for anyone and are the first to put their hand up to help and be of service to the community. 5 is not afraid of taking risks and being daring and hence, is flexible and great to have on the side of someone who needs help with personal expression. Concentration in the moment and keeping their often ‘over-indulgent’ nature in check, can help bring balance and harmony to 5. Whether they travel with their multi-faceted mind or around the globe physically, travel is all-important. Travel helps 5 to be in the flow of life, experiencing different cultures, people and energy; this is vital to their life path. They encourage us all to dream big and follow the light.

6: The Harmoniser. 6 is here to bring in a higher energy frequency to the planet. Their overall goal in life is to bring people together as one, especially the family. Family will always be a top priority for 6. They’re naturally responsible, intuitive and can feel that it’s their duty to create a tranquil flow within the family, helping all to get along. Hence, they may incarnate into families that have some heavy lessons. 6 is similar to 2 in this regard. 6 appreciates beauty and needs to be surrounded in spaces that invoke joy and inspiration. They can often find it difficult to self-motivate with projects that require directness and a fierce determination. They’ll do well to have 1 or 8 near them supporting and urging them on. A challenge for 6 is to know when to stop over-helping, as they can often gravitate to those who want to be rescued – often to their own detriment. 6 can be argumentative, stubborn and unreasonable. As 6 grows older, they learn to acquire discernment and thus, naturally create healthy boundaries in all of their relationships. 6 is a gentle soul at heart and needs to be around nature and animals to stay focused and strong. They make loving devoted friends and partners for life.

7: The Purist. 7 loves to go in deep and discover the hidden meaning and facts behind everything. They’re voracious readers, information seekers and both teachers and students of life. They also have a strong connection with the invisible and spiritual dimensions. They’re naturally psychic and intuitive. Their ultimate role in life is to become a wise teacher who passes on the knowledge of a lifetime. They can often be reluctant of taking up this role, choosing to be a continual learner rather than the one who leads and shows the way. 7 has a strong mental disposition and loves spending time on their own. They’re drawn to metaphysics, science and have a spiritual or religious leaning in life. They crave alone time in which to replenish and nourish their intense inner world. The challenge for 7 is to reach out to others for company and help when needed and to share their innate wisdom. They tend to be independent and enjoy forming their own opinions. They can often find it difficult to work equally alongside others, as they like to take charge. 7 has a sensitive core and a studious, refined nature. Highly intelligent, they have a strong intellect, that is well balanced with a colourful imagination.

8: The Leader. 8 is here to work on balancing personal power. They’re highly influential souls with a strong presence and impact on the planet. They make fantastic judges of character and can be born leaders. They need to stay fit and active. Practicing meditation and using their intuitive skills daily, is advised. They’re very adept at working with energy. Money and finances is something they never need to worry about. They’re master manifestors who put in the required effort to reap their rewards. Of all the Life Paths, 8 tends to be best suited to self-employment. Indeed, career will always be a top priority to 8, as it’s linked directly to their expression of meaning and sense of personal accomplishment. Their challenge is to not doubt their creative and entrepreneurial abilities, as they instead recognise and use their natural talents and skills to advance their life. Their demeanor can seem aloof, yet they are incredibly warm and all-encompassing. They love using their life path and skills as inspiration for others and hence will often push on, often to their own detriment. Vulnerability is a challenge for 8, yet when mastered, it becomes a great strength. It’s important for 8 to open up and let go, allowing for and asking others to help them on their path. This way they can feel appreciated and respected for their work and goodness.

9: The Healer. 9 is a born healer, nurturer and peace loving soul, sensitive to energy and highly attuned with the spiritual dimension. They’re naturally artistic, compassionate, idealistic and kind and they seek out lives of harmony and caring for others. 9 will often head into the health care profession and/or work within the arts and creative pursuits. They find it difficult to enter into confrontations, stand their ground and especially hard to say goodbye. A great challenge for 9 is to let go of what has been and complete their cycle of growth. It serves 9 well to look at all completions as a celebration rather than a loss. As 9 sees endings as a culmination of the journey they have been on, they become grateful for how they’ve grown and the marked impact they’ve had on society. With expanded imaginations, they can become ungrounded, selfish and over emotional. They’re often ‘old souls’ who’ve been to Earth many times and hence, can appear to be wise (and tired) to the ways of the world. One of the highest paths for 9 is to become a wisdom leader for others, as they maintain healthy boundaries in all of their relationships. They can tend to be introspective and contemplative and do well to be surrounded by a healthy lifestyle, nature and their beloved animal friends.


11: The Server. Also read The 2 Life Path (1+1=2) 11 is born to lead and serve the world, as an inspiration and helper of humanity. They like to do things on a big scale (usually all at once) and will often hold back their innate skills and gifts for many years, until they feel they can live up to their own expectations and pure potential. Hence, 11 often comes into their own, the older they become. It’s often not until they’re mature that they have the confidence and experience to give themselves over to world service. 11 tends to be a perfectionist and often won’t begin something important until they think they have it just right. The challenge for 11 is to get their ideas off the ground using the skills and expertise they have today (which are excellent) rather than waiting until they’ve gained even more. They grow in experience by following through with their divinely inspired ideas and plans. They are originals and have a unique and evolved slant on life.

22: The Manifestor. Also read The 4 Life Path (2+2=4) 22 is a born negotiator who is super-diplomatic and has high psychic standards. They’re natural go-betweens and are here to bring about world peace and to teach us how to diligently and consistently go about our life’s work. 22 often practices patience and will wait for what they need – to show up. They have innate faith, moving slow and steady. They’re able manifestors of the light. The challenge for 22 is to know when to pull back. There’s only so much they can do to assist and if they try to be everything to everyone, their sensitive energy field weakens and they can burn out from over giving. They can also tend to be shy, self-involved and stubborn at times.

33: The Wayshower. Also read The 6 Life Path (3+3=6) Those who are 33 are souls are here for an immense personal challenge – and they like it that way. They have chosen a path that requires thorough discipline and dedication to the light and the work of spirit. They have so many divinely inspired ideas running through them at once, that they often become overwhelmed with the sheer enormity of what they feel they’re here to accomplish. 33 has a goal to walk with a foot in both worlds (spiritual and physical), fully aware from moment to moment that they’re a soul creating a human experience. They can become great teachers and way showers to others. They’ll nearly always go through and overcome often-difficult life experiences, in order that they can use their life as an example to others. In close relationships, they often attract those that want rescuing and confidence building. 33 is here to teach us compassion, empathy and oneness.

44: The Protector. Also read The 8 Life Path (4+4=8) 44 has chosen one of the most evolved life paths. They’re eternal workers for spirit and their life path is dedicated to steady and strong leadership, equality, practical achievement and building lasting structures on Earth. They are the souls that create the procedures and practical steps that others follow. 44 is aligned with The Angelic Realm and hence justice, harmony and balance are key energies that they must practice and apply in their life. They feel the need to protect the innocent and fiercely stand their ground for the betterment of humanity. The challenge for 44 is to relax and let down their guard. They need to learn how to self-nurture and give back to themselves. They’ll often enjoy their own company and not require clingy personal relationships.