James Gilliland: This is a Big Multidimensional Event

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomWe opened some of the last newsletters with this in not a drill, heads up, etc. It is a Big Event is how Cazekiel often opens a dialog. We are in that Big Event. What is unfolding is multidimensional yet we often give down to earth verification for those who need to ground the information. It is now proven that the assault on the Capital building was orchestrated by the left and the deep state. John Sullivan a leftist confessed to the FBI saying he and 250 Antifa and BLM members dressed up like Trump supporters, orchestrated the event along with capitol police. They were on orders from high members in the Democratic Party, some Rinos as well. There are videos showing photo shoots under supervision of the capitol police with our horned friend and other antifa members posing as Trump supporters to blame Trump and demonize his supporters. This is in cooperation with the mainstream and social media with their fake outrage in support of a false narrative.  Anyone is shamed and censored that does not go along with the false narrative.

Now with the declassification it is now proven that President Trump was correct on all accounts, told the truth for which the Democrats and Rinos tried to Impeach him. In each case they accused Trump of what they themselves were or are doing. Eric Smallwell spelled incorrectly on purpose, a well with not much to draw from appointed by Pelosi to head the intelligence committee along with Adam Shifty, Nadler and a host of other morally and patriot challenged politicians have been attacking trump for collusion with a foreign government with absolutely zero evidence. Eric Smallwell is still leading that charge after getting caught sleeping with a Chinese spy. The other democrats were well aware of this, turned a blind eye and appointed him to play a role in the new impeachment, “witchhunt.” How many times are they going to resort to the same playbook?  He should have stepped down, been censured perp walked out of congress yet he is rewarded? There is a mountain of evidence showing collusion with Russia, Iran, China as well as other foreign governments by the Left, Democrats and Rinos. The CCP Chinese Communist Party brags about all the high-level government officials in their camp right up to the top, Trump excluded. The Bidens have taken millions possibly billions in bribes from hostile foreign countries including Chinese money tied to CCP Intelligence.  The CCP also brag about how they own Hollywood, Mainstream and Social Media.

We have asked the question with the obvious answer why corrupt politicians mainly the Left, Mainstream and Social Media and the CCP hate Trump. The answer is he is not one of them in fact he knows who they are, what they have done and has stood up for the people and the Republic of America. He, his family, generals and a host of other patriots are in the way of a socialist takeover sponsored mainly by China. They installed their political puppets to praise the benefits of socialism/communism, along with university professors to teach a false history. All the genocidal tyrants responsible for the death of hundreds of millions were socialists/communists. Why is this being ignored in the history classes? Personal power, sovereignty, freedom are all a threat to socialism/communism. They need to keep you sick, dependent, poor and stupid to maintain control. Are you getting it? The virus, the lockdowns, the social engineering done by pathological liars and morally bankrupt mainstream and social media. There is a direct link to China, the CCP and the global elite take down America. It is part of installing their Socialist New World Order. An order where all the power and wealth are consolidated in the hands of a few.

We are at war with the Global Elite and China along with their political puppets and talking heads in the mainstream and social media. To be honest their army are the socially engineered, useful idiots which is how they refer to as Antifa, BLM, LGBT, Women’s March, and other gender and cultural divisionary movements. They also refer to them as cannon fodder a means to an end which they will set aside later or terminate when no longer useful. In their own words they say the Blacks and the Minorities are easy to manipulate. Fortunately for America many are figuring this out and leaving the plantation.

Trump made a promise to drain the swamp. He, his family, loyal staff and his generals have been one step ahead of the Global Elite and the CCP. They have everything, all the evidence and now the curtain has opened to the final play. The wikileaks dumps, declass dumps, citizen journalists, and other patriots are bringing all the seditious and treasonous acts to the surface for all to see. When the educational process is done the hammer will fall. Trump has exhausted all other means of justice, insuring an honest and fair election. He has exposed the depth of corruption which has infiltrated every level of the justice system. There is no other alternative than military justice and the military tribunals. Unless we all want to live under social/communism and learn to speak Mandarin. It will take the military to restore the Republic, the justice system and insure individual freedom.

When you realize the alliance to bring this all about you will be shocked. Not just leaders of other countries, it includes the SSP Secret Space Fleet and Off Worlders. The Greater Family of Man, your ancient ancestors are returning and bringing back Universal Law by popular demand. Universal Peace. Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all. For the most part they have been working with consciousness and energy, inspiration in meditative and dream states. Now the gloves are off and you will see them more and more in your heavens. They are planetary liberators, they understand the multidimensional nature of the planetary liberation and restoration process. Great things are yet to come. Fuelless energy, anti/counter gravity, med beds and other energetic healing technologies, replicators and a host of new technologies already on the Earth will be released soon. The knowledge of the existence of these technologies has already been released.  The agenda of the white hats and multidimensionals is to assist humanity to realize its highest potential, keep you well, educated, and aligned with the God/Creator/Great Spirit within. I would strongly suggest taking personal responsibility in this awakening and healing process, be a player rather than a spectator. Get on the right side of life.

Be well,

James Gilliland