Your Soul

divine being emerging eraoflightdotcomRemember that your soul is Universal. It belongs indeed to the Galaxy or Star System or Constellation of your origin.

It was created to have multiple existences simultaneously in different parts of the Universe and while a fraction of your soul is incarnated here, the other soul fires are fully present and working elsewhere in the Universe.

When we incarnate we forget all about this, and then allow ourselves to be shrunk into someone we in truth are not! My Soul Readings attest to this!

When we finally reclaim our Universal Soul and our Cosmic Citizenship, we will indeed remember who and what we are in truth, and then live that truth! We will not allow ourselves to be shrunk and squashed into too small boxes, in which we in truth do not fit into.

Every soul here on this planet, has a unique soul mission and purpose and that is indeed why all of us incarnated. We came here on special mission, special assignment and it is now time to wake up and remember – if you have not done so already!

It is time now to step into the fullness and truth of your own soul and live it as a Master, and to be on the earth, but not OF it! For in truth you are not of the earth anyhow. You are merely here to a tiny eye-wind in eternity, not even a fraction of a fraction, of your Universal Soul existence! Please remember this!

Judith Kusel