Galactic Fleet Command: Unfolding of Events

fleet command eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones, we know how very difficult it is for those of you who have been in the 5D consciousness for a period of time… at least long enough to know the reality of it and the illusory reality of the 3D world.

We also know that to the 3D mind, what you believe as truth is as sheer fantasy to those who are still entrapped in that world of unreality. Therefore, you suffer some sort of persecution and/or suffering when you try to share your knowledge with them for the purpose of easing their current suffering in the typical 3D ways.

Unfortunately, as you may know, the unfolding of events takes place – in your linear time – in the etheric realm before it manifests on the 3D physical plane. Sometimes it takes quite a bit of time, and so it will call for extreme patience. tolerance, and love for you to allow the inherent misunderstandings and divisions to take place. A great test of Initiation indeed… but you are up to it!

We also know that we Beings who channel messages to you from the other side tend to speak in extremely positive ways of ‘already happened’ — whereas in the 3D world of the seeming reality of the others, total chaos reigns supreme! You cannot truly blame them for their very limited vision at the moment… or for their complete disbelief of what you are telling them of assured victory.

Yes, there are indeed two entirely separate worlds at this moment in time… worlds that are seemingly far apart from each other. But they shall gradually appear to be as one… when enough of the proof of the existence of the ruling evil is finally brought out into the light as the reality you have known and attempted to share.

In the meantime, just know that the healing of all divisions will take place, for where there is enlightenment, wounds are healed and goodwill is restored through the love and understanding.

Please know how very dear each and every one of you is to us. And know that we understand how very much many of you are suffering in current broken relationships because of the misunderstandings and lack of readiness for them to know what you presently know and so firmly believe in. This too shall pass!

We send you our Light and Love. Namaste.

**Channel: Beth Stormont