Calm Before The Storm; Finding Peace Amidst Uncertainty

astrology at eraoflightdotcomNavigating this first month of 2021 is bringing up apprehensions about the future and questions we have about how we personally and collectively anchor the new more positive future we seek to create. Amidst calm moments when we access our center, we instinctively know we must be prepared for storm-like conditions that will test our resolve and patience. Continue reading for a big-picture view and practical guidance for finding peace amidst uncertainty.


We knew going into 2021 that we were at a pivotal juncture – society grappling with how to restructure outmoded ways of living, and knowing that this would take time. Our linear self is impatient and doesn’t want to accept that our massive overhaul won’t be quick and seamless. We want it now!

This past year we’ve been tested in countless levels, regularly being reminded that our lives couldn’t return to “normal” anytime soon, or at all – at least not the “normal” we previously had.

There’s a sense of weariness as we look ahead and realize we can’t plan like before. Some have called this dynamic “living without a future” – like the future was canceled. Of course, that’s not the case, but it can feel like it.

Historical Context

This cycle of time is unprecedented. We have no roadmap for it, because no evolutionary quickening on this level previously occurred. And since we’re sitting in the middle of things, we’re needing to reinvent ourselves and our world. Being alive now means regular spiritual initiations and requires new approaches and tools to stay calm and grounded.

Planetary cycles, like the rare Pluto return America is having, are bringing to the surface the dark side of human nature. These energies were there all along, yet it takes a juxtaposition of energies to reveal what needs to be seen and healed. Over a period of several years, this shadow side of America will rise to awareness in ways that can no longer be ignored. It’s messy and complex. We won’t want to look at it, yet we must.

Whether you live in the US or elsewhere, the ripples of this cycle will be felt in expanding ways throughout society. This dark element of humanity is a shared global experience for our collective is interconnected across time and these things are in the mass consciousness. We’ve all had ancestors and/or past lives involved with these things.

Key January Planetary Energies Amplifying Things

January 20-23 is a big energy line-up that will impact all of us regardless of where we live. Mars will be in a fiery conjunction with transformative Uranus, squaring Jupiter – occurring as the US inaugurates a new president January 20.

January 28 is a full moon in Leo, accompanied by a challenging line-up with 5 planets: Saturn, Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus. This can stir unrest and more polarization, along with emotional outrage. While this may sound troubling, here’s the good news: positives arising from this line-up could include breakthroughs in creative solutions and dialogues that can help birth new foundations and approaches to our personal-business-collective life on the Earth.

As I’ve often said, big evolutionary shifts within humanity typically only happen in dire moments when people have a huge nudge to come together and create solutions. Therefore, I suggest we focus our thoughts and energies on January being the nudge needed now to spark changes we must have to co-exist here on this small planet. The Earth will continue without us – but we’re reaching critical mass of self-destruction as a species if we continue as is. More on these themes in my new book about 2021 coming soon!

3 Steps for More Inner Peace in January – Reflection Process

Here are 3 suggestions for what you can do now and throughout this volatile month to have more inner peace. This is a simple reflection process with action steps. It’s meant to be reflected upon, then applied daily throughout January for optimal benefit.

Anxiety Reduction

Consider that you are anxious, even if you don’t sense it tangibly. World events and planetary energies are catalyzing anxiety about countless things – like what will happen next, what else can possibly happen, and how to move forward with your plans with time warps and constant sudden shifts in situations beyond your control.

Step to take one of more times a day, when you feel like you can’t focus or are on overload – acknowledge you have anxiety without analyzing it or focusing on it. Then take a time-out to give your mind a rest – take a walk, do some deep breathing or short meditation, turn off the news and other input.

Mind Shift

Accept the fact that you mind likely wanders, including to thoughts of troubling events and potentials. As soon as you accept this, you’re more in the driver’s seat of your life. No one but you is in charge of your mind but you. The good news is that you are in charge and can have a mind shift at will.

Step to take one or more times a day, when you catch yourself ruminating – acknowledge that you are caught up in overthinking and ruminating about the “what ifs” of life. Remember that you can change the “channel” of thought and dialogue inside your own head. With intention, then, stop the unproductive mind chatter by shifting your focus to something else.

Action Wheel

Accept the reality that these times have upset your usual momentum and ability to stick to your previous schedule of life and work activities. Accepting that helps you build more self-acceptance and self-compassion. Remember that you aren’t alone is this dynamic – everyone around the world is feeling it in some way. Reflecting on that fact helps you build more compassion for others.

Step to take one or more times a day, when you feel stuck and are self-critical about your productivity – acknowledge the big picture of factors influencing your typical life and work flow. Then take action on something simple to accomplish, like the laundry or preparing an outline of your next project. Even creating the outline can catalyze forward movement, for you have set in motion your own inner creativity. Remember – one step at a time, allowing for the need to shift plans and timetables.

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