How is Your Focus?

full moon eraoflightdotcomWhew! A lot of ups and downs with the energy flow. So much purging going on. I’ve been noticing it deeply in the jaw, upper shoulders/back, and a new grounding happening.

The new grounding has been foreshadowing for awhile, but it is changing a lot now. Some of you may be noticing a lot of 2nd chakra shifting (or those resonate energies like how you relate to others or relate out into life), hips or legs.

Also the throat chakra is continuing to go through a big purge and opening. And given the energy in the US in early January, I’ve been hearing “release the poison” from the 2021 vision. Don’t let the energies stay within you, let it move through as best you can.

Staying focused may feel a little harder with such collective challenge, so use some of your go to’s like getting out in nature, music, supportive friends & family, laughter, movement, meditation, creativity, taking a bath, journaling. It is still intense times of change, so work that Focus energy to keep you in creative mode rather than reactive mode.

I hope you have a loving week!

Much Love,


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