James Gilliland: Personal Power

the light within eraoflightdotcomWe have spoken about our solar system moving into a highly energized area of space. We have also spoken about how the higher dimensional beings, saints, sages and masters use these events to further the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth. We are in the apex of those times, the veils between worlds are becoming increasingly thinner and the effect of their consciousness and energy is being felt globally. They bring with them the consciousness of how spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations live. What many refer to as Universal Law. This law is woven into all sacred books and religions yet it has been muddied by kings and institutions which altered them to fit their needs. These kings and institutions separated themselves from the Omnipresent Creator residing within all Creation. They elevated themselves into chosen ones, go betweens the ones with the only true knowledge and connection. They perpetuated external Gods separate from man and nature. Limited versions of omnipresence. This was to control and dominate the people and for personal power and wealth. God forbid the people find out God resides within them and a go between is not necessary. Many masters from many cultures all agreed upon an Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient God. The path was to go within through prayer and meditation.

“Personal power comes from the realization that you are not a person. You have a body and a personality yet in truth you are a multidimensional beings existing in a vibrational continuum in more expanded states of awareness all the way back to source.”

The controllers have set up a system designed to lock you into the body and the personality. Survival, sex and power are the first three energy centers or Chakras. Love felt, Love spoken, God seen in all things and I AM God are the next four. By now hopefully some grand revelations are starting to stir. What does Hollywood, the music industry, mainstream news social consciousness in general bombard you with 24/7 hijacking your focus and attention? Fear is the main one locking you into survival. Sex is number 1, porn number one in the search engines. UFOs are number 2 so there is some redeeming benefit. Power is completely twisted. Real power comes from knowing you own unique purpose for living and service to others. Love is the ultimate power, love serves and empowers. Do you see the Sun asking for something back, does it have any hidden agendas? The altered and twisted forms of survival, sex and power reside in the personality. They also reside in the body as cellular memory. The lust for false power and wealth by ignorant and morally challenged individuals throughout history has scarred and inhibited the evolution of humanity. The ignorance of the Omnipresent Creator within all Creation has created the divisions between races, cultures and nature. This one realization could restore heaven on Earth. The Creator loves diversity, it created the polarities to come together in their own creations. There is a big difference between positive/negative Good and evil. Evil is best understood and attitudes and actions outside of Universal Law mostly born of ignorance. There are people and beings seen and unseen that fit into this category. Enlightenment is to be in knowledge of both not in denial of one or the other. Self-Mastery is the ability to maintain one’s self authority, discern the difference, create sacred space and remove or heal unseen negative influences. It is mastering judgement, one’s emotions, practicing loving detachment yet maintaining discernment through the heart. Your soul sits right next to the heart it is the connector to the higher dimensions. Heaven on Earth is a work in process with lots of mantainance. We are getting a lot of help.