Source Creator: I Am All, I Am With You

galaxy bright eraoflightdotcomDo not carry the burdens of the past any longer, look forward and redeem your dramas and karma in the light of God, who I am. Fill up all places of your soul with light, there, where wounds do not want to close, there, call me.

I am GOD,

Mankind is in my care. While this world changes, I spread protectively my arms over you. Like a mother and like a father, who give security and love to the child, who give courage and support to the child – so is my love to you.

No harm shall happen to you, suffering shall stay away from you and happiness shall meet you on all ways.

I am omnipresent on this earth and in your life.

If you become aware of this, then all fears for the future disappear and this time becomes a wonderful opportunity for you to heal the postponed now and to recognize the unrecognized now.

Today there is an environment on this earth that invites you to great steps of development, because the change in the outer world invites you to pay more attention to the inner world.


In adversity, the most beautiful things are often created and great insights are born. In adversity, man resorts to measures that would never have been taken under other circumstances. That is why hardship is the master of this time – and today you experience hardship on many levels.

Everything is under reconstruction and you ask yourselves, how does it go on or when does this madness end, in which injustice became right and cold-heartedness, egoism or the complete absence of empathy became the maxim.

When does what pollutes your soul and burdens your heart end? When does the inhumanity end? When does it become LIGHT and when does LOVE begin its reign among people?

While you ask yourselves, new abysses are revealed to you and so you are asked to take a stand. Inwardly you are asked to say NO or YES to this.

It is clear that compromises no longer help today. Neither on the outside nor on the inside can compromises or half solutions make the ground fertile for growth.

This means that the revelations of this time require each person to make a decision: Where do I direct my attention? In what do I invest my life energy?

In the creation of light-filled manifestations, in the fight against “evil” or in joining the forces of darkness.


All choices serve to create specific experiences for the individual, and they are fundamentally synonymous:

– He who creates light and fulfills his orders is on the way to me.

– Who has taken up the fight against the evil in the outer world and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

– Who has joined the powers of darkness and thereby fulfills his orders, he is on the way to me.

These ways differ only one thing: the time when a man finds back to me.

The first one goes the way straight ahead, the second one goes a detour and the third one still has a long journey ahead of him.

All these decisions are equal and they are now made by more and more people. Only the lukewarm, who reject every responsibility, lose their hold on this earth in this time and they find neither their place nor their orders.

This means that I am taking these people back to the “realm of preparations”, to the place where they are being prepared for a next life.

Today you are experiencing that very many people are being called away. Often they are people who can no longer find their way in this world or no longer want to.


Whoever lives his assignments will live them until they are fulfilled. There is no doubt about that, because whoever has made his choice is under my care – in good days as well as in bad, in light as well as in darkness.

This message is the invitation for you to courageously make your choice. Half-heartedness is no longer an option today.

Be wholehearted, no matter what role you choose for yourself. The light, the love are omnipresent. It shimmers ever more powerfully between the light poverty of mankind. Who does not develop a view for it, I help him, who does not want to develop a view for it, I help him – even if this leads to detours.

Fight your battle – against yourself or against the world. Live your life – for mankind or for yourself. Carry out your orders – without hesitation – then the kingdom of heaven is given to you and the realization of All-What-Is comes near.

Be whole, be courageous and be sure: I am everything and I am always with you.


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**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl