Collective Awakening; Spiritual Sovereignty & Freedom

tune into the light within you eraoflightdotcomAt this phase of our ascension journey, we are still immersed in the conscious task of creating the New Earth’s foundations that will serve for the next generations to come. As Guides repeatedly share, we will experience a few more years in which regaining freedom, and breaking free from old limitations, will be a constant.

It is not until we all, as a Family, become aware of where we were limiting ourselves, and of our right as sovereign free beings, that we can create a new reality, for this new reality is no longer about us, but about All together as One, co-creating, moving into a new harmonic dimensional space, as species, remembering Unity and acting with integrity, as we evolve and expand too within our own personal mission.

During this passage we will be within a portal, so to speak, for the nature of this corridor could not be fully understand from our human perspective, in which there is a constant opportunity for all who desire to step into this new harmonic dimension, whether still in our physical bodies, or when leaving them.

The time to regain freedom from the three dimensional karmic wheel, has come for many who are now aware that they do not need to continue punishing themselves by constantly incarnating within the same human cycle.

The time to regain our ancient memories and with them the clarity that we all are free sovereign beings has come for All. During this passage, working on retrieving spiritual sovereignty, as well as integrity to be who we are, is essential, if we desire to first liberate ourselves, and hence help others doing the same.

Within this star gate of birth and renewal that we find ourselves, we need to heal all hurtful situations experienced, all the pain we have filtered from the collective, and above all, from all the unlove that we have witnessed since we began our human journey, remembering that we are only compassion and that forgiveness is the key to unlock our Divine potential.

There is no such a thing within Creation as punishment. The pain that we feel when we awake and remember the unconscious acts that we could have done, needs to be treated with immense love and care, or we will fall into depressive egoic mechanisms, or old beliefs such as Divine punishment, karma etc.

We, as species are immersed into a process of renascence, preparing for our new lives within a new dimensional space. The process may be long and challenging, but it is not in the final destination that joy resides, for there is never a final destination, but into the process in itself that we must experience this joy, for what we are creating.

We have been waiting for this moment to come, and we knew that this transformation was not going to be easy. It is now precisely when we need to embrace our Illumined Self and move into a sovereign space. Our main task is to remain fully open with our hearts in love for All, while the collective continue experiencing the death of their older selves and begin the process of embodying their higher ones.

The Divine moment for the collective to rebirth as lovelight beings has come, and it is with great joy that we shall support it, even though we may see struggle, as they try to regain their freedom. Being the compassionate witnesses is vital, for we cannot interfere in their process of awakening, as it is sacred and it will violate all universal Laws.

There are times when we will be challenged beyond we were ever expecting, for this path is not free of the opportunities that we need to experience a major growth. However, as we commune more and more with our personal power, remembering who we are as well as the nature of our existence, we will too have the strength and wisdom, regained through the many lessons learnt, for us to continue building a better way of living, based on a total respect for others, nature and All Creation.

I understand that many thought that this year was going to bring change, and that this change was going to be a very positive and sudden one. Nonetheless, if are aware of what is truly taking place, you will understand that energies are not submit to our sense of time and space, and less to our human interpretations, but to what shall be for All within Creation, as we all are evolving within this endless spiral. This is why many are feeling hopeless and in constant anxiety, for they put all their hope in the coming of the New Year, rather than in their own power to change their own reality.

When this occurs people begin to fear, for they think they are powerless to bring any change to their current circumstances, as they were deeply programmed to believe that power comes from outside. This is why many are beginning to feel depressed, as they thought that this year was going to shift everything that we have experienced before.

The truth is that in this long transitional process, the following years will be for us to continue holding the energy for the creation of a total and massive planetary change, and this is not built from one day to another. It is by knowing ourselves, healing all distortions and clearing old mental patterns that we can begin the process of creating our personal reality in the way that best resonate with our current state of being, rather than waiting it to come from the outside.

We have ahead a few years in which unity will make all the difference to bring illumination, consciousness, joy, strength and faith in the collective. As  we are reminded by the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus during all this year 2021 and the influence in a few days of Jupiter square Uranus too. We will see reflected in the macro the current collective battle to regain freedom. This is just the beginning of the fight for liberation that our Planet will begin for their right to live within Divine Love, and free of any manipulation. It is a fight to reclaim our Planet back.

We shall not decay, for it is part of our global mission – to focus only in that which we desire to build, not matter of the outer conditions, limitations and/or manipulative ways. During these years we will be infused with more fear, one that when we are conscious, we understand as another intent to bring chaos. However, for the ones who are yet in their awakening process can see very real, and it is our main task to support their growth, understanding that they are doing the best they can from the level of consciousness they possess now.

As we continue being compassionate witnesses of the current planetary process, we may release tears of sadness, due to the many energies that we filter from the collective, and the tactics to maintain control of the population. We may have our dark days, for we are humans and have our own healing process. What we cannot allow ourselves is to lose ourselves while this process last, for we have dwelt in many dimensions, in many planes of existences doing this task once and again, and it is now that all this knowledge from previous experiences can serve us to be stronger and wiser.

In these moments when you may decay, remember that you have the power, for you have the Will. You just need to become aware, embrace it and decide that no matter what you will continue acting as a conduit of Truth, love and compassion, for this is all you are, in nature.

We have the assistance, understanding and compassion, in this process, of so many benevolent beings… beginning by the most important of all: our Unified Self, as well as infinite other Illumined Forces to help us regain consciousness.

However, do we help ourselves when we most need of our love and compassion?

Do we stand tall for our personal truth and respect the unique Spark of the Divine that we are?

If not, this is the first and most important personal mission that we need to fulfil, before we can continue our work of assistance to All, as first we need to recognize, appreciate and honor the Divine that dwells in us, and that desires to expands throughout unique human experience.

Be your own compassionate witness and companion while you too transit into this new harmonic dimension, for you have spent many times helping others, and now you need of all your love, resilience and hope too.

Trust that where you are is where you need to be within the Divine Puzzle, for all to work in perfect order and harmony.

Trust that you are powerful beyond measure and that you will use this power to build, love and restore, and never otherwise. For you are only Love, and Love appreciates, heals and blesses All, equally.

With love, strength, and blessings,

Natalia Alba