Ashian: One Breath

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomMessage 1: One Breath Now

The words that we have shared with you have never been more appropriate or important. So perhaps it is worthwhile to recap how to deal with Life.

At the most basic level, and this is part of the design not a failing, the incarnation experience is an experience of moving from shadow to light, from fear to love.  It is that simple, but as we have often noted, simple is not always easy!

When you think, say or act without thought, the first response is nearly always prompted by the avoidance of fear, therefore those thoughts, words and actions are informed by fear and, as such, they can only create and recreate fear.

Slow down!

Even a moment makes a difference.  Time and space are the same measure: they create distance.  In the experience of being a human, distance – paradoxically – allows you to come closer to your true divine essence, it allows you to choose love.  The fruit of love is always miraculous because it is seeded in the Divine.

If you were to take just one piece of advice from all that we have shared over the past few years we would say this:

Choose love.

One breath in allows you to approach love, to rise above the programming of society, and reach into your Higher Selves.  One breath allows you to recentre in your divinity.  One breath allows you to access All That YOU Are.

One breath is a manageable unit of time and space.  It is immediate.  It gives immediate results.

It opens the pathway for immediate miracles.  It allows you to untangle from everything around you and come into YOU.

Our beloved family, our ‘boots on the ground’, to win a ‘war on the ground’, you need to come from love.  To create heaven on earth, which you are doing with every breath, return to love. One breath will show you wisdom, truth, compassion, forgiveness, patience and peace.

All you need is within you, in just one breath.

We are always with you; we are constantly by your side.  Work with us!  Ask for signs and symbols to convince you that you, yes YOU reading this, you have a team of healers and helpers working with you constantly.  As the veil thins, this will become increasingly obvious.

Because you are the way showers and the light showers, so you will discover this first; you will integrate and remember how to work multidimensionally, because it is within your DNA.

You were never sent here to be lost and overwhelmed.  Now is the return home.  One breath brings you home every time.

We are with you; we embrace you in every Now moment.  You are nothing but Love.

Message 2: Trust

Dearest hearts, how far you have come and what you have endured to be here.  You have battled with the darkness at every turn and you have still remained strong and true to your inner knowing of the Divine essence of Everything.

Even when you were tired and exhausted, you stayed the course.  Even in your sadness, anger and disappointment, you stayed true.  Thank you.  You have demonstrated your mastery.

Never before has there a time of greater need of that mastery.  It was for this moment that you were practicing and mastering your ability to consciously hold your divine light and to use that light to shine on everyone you encounter.

You are aware that it is your combined efforts, your ever-increasing light quotient that has brought about the unveiling of truth.  You are aware that it is your light that will act as a beacon for those who are scared, confused and wish to respond in fear.

You are here for these times.  This is your sacred undertaking, a pilgrimage to Gaia to set her and humanity free.  This is the culmination of your work at this level, for the coming level will be a higher dimension.

This higher vibration will not require as much effort as you have had to invest up to now.  The energies emerging will seem to make your work effortless, in comparison with what you have had to invest until now.

So know that the good is to come, indeed, the good is here and emerging.  You the way showers are invited to a ‘sneak peek’!  You are invited to dip into these energies and begin using them now.  Play with them.

One breath, along with the intention to go deeper/higher/truer/broader/clearer (you choose the experience) will help you access these energy streams and will assist you in your coming relief work.

You are here.  You have arrived. Let your breath free you and expand you to ever deeper levels of expression, alchemising reality simply through your divine intention.   You are the alchemists of the ages, you are now using your divinely-given wands by using your conscious intention to heal, transform and uplift.

Your divinity is manifest now.  You have arrived on your stage, the scene is set and you are now to play your divinely written part.  Trust that you know the lines, trust that the correct actors will pass before you in each scene. Trust that the ending is a happy one.  The script is divine.  You are divine.  The ending is divine.  Trust.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert