The Power Within

lightworker eraoflightdotcomThe True Power is within you and not outside of you. If you truly stand in your highest power, as one with the Divine Source, within you, and around you, you will not be swayed. You will come from the space of inner Power and not from fear and anxiety and stress.

The word POWER is so often confused with worldly power and brute force – the kind that we were used to in the 3D. That is not the power I am speaking of here.

In truth it is a far more loving and subtle power which comes from deep within yourself and thus something which no one and nothing can take away from you. It stems from the inherent energy of your own soul, fully empowered and fully activated in the highest and deepest sense – filled with Divine Love and coming from the heart and soul within yourself.

You stand firmly anchored in the Power of Love, in Divine Light, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom as ONE with your own soul. You are deeply filled from within and seek not to be filled from the outside any longer. You are standing in your highest soul mastery.

You seek the highest and most sacred path, and it becomes your heart-wish and your soul prayer, to lovingly serve from the heart and soul and all that you are – in truth.

With it comes a deep inner peace, deep inner knowing and wisdom to allow yourself to be guided by Divine Hands every single step, every moment, AS ONE. You embrace Divinity. You embrace the Power of unconditional love and live this.

This is a beautiful, soul-heart-love-filled power and will indeed be the driving force for the New Golden Age.

Judith Kusel