The Angels: The Path of Heart is Clear and Steady

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

No matter what is going on in your world, the 5D laws of vibration are, and always will be in effect. You have worked hard this past year to being to take charge of your minds, to focus on things that make you feel better, and to adopt a positive and uplifting outlook when you can.

Now it seems the world is tugging and pulling at you now in so many different directions. So many have strong opinions. So many think they know what is best for all. So many want you to agree with their perspectives. Should you take a vaccine or not? Should you live in fear of a political party or not? Should you take up arms or not? Should you pull your money out of the markets or pool it and put it in?

Dear ones, step back a bit from the agony of over-analysis. Step back and drop into your hearts, here and now, in this moment. What do you long to do right now? Do it as soon as is practical. Do you want to nap, garden, call a friend, take a walk, cook your dinner, get a project done? Your desires don’t have to seem “big” in any way. Your guidance is often simple, peaceful, practical, and loving.

You may not think such guidance can solve the world’s challenges, but if everyone lived according to their own hearts, they’d be happy, peaceful, healthy, and as a result, kind, loving, accepting, and allowing of others as well.

In 3D, when you honor yourself some will say you’re self-loving. Others will criticize and call you selfish because you’re not serving their needs. It is OK. Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives.

In 5D, when your honor your heart you’ll be aware that this is the most unselfish thing you can do. In a happy, positive, peaceful, and loving state within, you are a vibrational contribution to the entirety of the human race.

So no matter what the world is doing, stop. Breathe deeply. Instead of over-analyzing how you should react, ask yourself a simple question, “What does my heart want to do in the here and now?” Trust this guidance. Honor it as soon as is practical. Allow yourself to embrace the universal 5D truth that a Loving Source is with you and in you at all times, attempting to guide you gently, kindly, and peacefully towards your desires in life, in harmony and in a loving dance with others who wish to be at peace.

Aligned with love you can be in the world but not of it. Listening to your heart you can dance around the chaos and be a contribution. Embracing a kind reality in your personal life, you be the change you wish to see. You can ripple kindness outward to the hurting hearts, and you can allow yourself a wonderful experience of life no matter what everyone else is doing.

This embracing of the heart, dear ones, is the farthest thing from being selfish. In honoring the true Self within, the One that guides you all, you honor that very light, love, and Self within all beings.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
~ The Angels

**Source **Channel: Ann Albers