CDC Forced By Lawsuit To Remove Claim That ‘Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism’ From Its Website

uncovering truth eraoflightdotcomCenters for Disease Control and Prevention is facing a lawsuit from the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN). Del Bigtree, the founder of ICAN has decided to urge the federal agency to remove the statement on its website claiming vaccination never causes autism in children.

According to Bigtree, the statement was taken down from the CDC website on Aug. 27, 2020, and added back again shortly after ICAN issued a press release about the change on Jan. 25.

Bigtree claims the statement is inaccurate as no studies conducted by the organization prove that vaccines given to infants do not cause autism.

The United States of America has reported a sudden increase in children suffering from a neurological developmental disorder.

Bigtree claims that the neurological problem diagnosed within six months to one year of the baby’s birth has a link to vaccination provided immediately after birth.

He alleges that five vaccines injected three times within six months of a baby’s birth can increase the neurological disorder.

They are:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • DTap (Acellular pertussis)
  • IPV (polio)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hib (Haemophilus Influenzae type B)
  • PCV13 (Pneumococcal conjugate)

Bigtree claims to disprove that autism and vaccination have no link.

CDC Admits In Federal Court They Have No Evidence “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism”

CDC provided studies after a request from FOIA (Freedom of Information Act). But, the studies submitted have not addressed the concerns raised by ICAN regarding the five vaccines.

While CDC assures the vaccines are safe and the adjuvants used in vaccines will only boost the immune system response.

But, ICAN feels the common adjuvant, aluminum can have harmful effects on the baby.

CDC has refused to perform studies as suggested by ICAN, which became clear after the meeting conducted on 30th May 2017 to discuss vaccine safety.

To strengthen their claim, Bigtree also points to the temporary taking down of the CDC webpage stating the safety of the vaccines.

Italian Courts Rule: Vaccines Cause Autism — U.S. Media Blackout

Replying to the allegation, the CDC spokesperson informed the agency’s strong stand on vaccines and autism.

Responding to the statement of temporary taking down of the CDC website, the official spokesperson discharged it as a misunderstanding.

The website remained temporarily unavailable due to website updating and formatting. To avoid any confusion, CDC has added the headline back on the webpage.

But, experts like Mark Sadaka who has handled vaccination cases as the vaccine injury lawyer feels CDC must make changes to the language used to present the information to the public.

Adding the information regarding the lack of studies on the effects of vaccines within the first six weeks of babies will eliminate any confusion and lawsuits.

Such lawsuits and complications can put distrust in the minds of people in the USA as the country recommends vaccines to children and adolescents.

As experimental COVID vaccines have been fast tracked with secret agreements by govts to protect the pharma companies from liabilities, the US government paid over $57 million in compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths till March 2020 alone.

Meanwhile, there are currently no such laws in India that would protect victims of the COVID-19 vaccine side-effects.