Frequency and Timelines

waves of light 5d eraoflightdotcomHumanity is at War with itself. There has never been a time in Human history where the timelines in mass perception have been so broken. Agreements are made when two or more people perceive their reality

Sananda: Reactions

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda who is with you today, like all other days (smiles).

Beloved friends; brothers and sisters – you have now left the strong reactions of all kinds. You no longer react

The Antibody Deception

era of light alternative news newsThe world has been fixated for months on novel-coronavirus PCR testing, contact tracing and vaccination. Meanwhile, another major part of the Covid biomedical complex has received far less attention

Victory is Ours

justnews eraoflightdotcomPresident Vladimir Putin has made the announcement, to be confirmed by President Donald Trump tomorrow 28/2: “Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Russian television – last night – that the