Sananda: Reactions

sananda image eraoflightdotcomI am Sananda who is with you today, like all other days (smiles).

Beloved friends; brothers and sisters – you have now left the strong reactions of all kinds. You no longer react so emotionally strongly to external events. You should know that it benefits you immensely because you thereby more easily retain the power within you.

The environment does not manage to trigger you in the same way as before because you have found peace within you. You have processed and transformed emotions that arose when you were confronted with your memories of past events.

Sometimes it can feel like you are living in a vacuum because you are not used to the peace and quiet inside. It can be difficult to get the daily chores done – as if the power of action is blown away.

Try to find what engages you in your soul and heart, what makes you feel good. Often it is creative activities such as playing music, painting, dancing, playing with the children and so on. You know best yourself what makes you forget everything around you.

In short – do what makes you happy in your heart.
With love,


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**Source **Channel: Kerstin Sisilla