The Energies of March 2021: Alchemical Transfiguration

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWe welcome now one of the most important portals of all the year. March is a month in which we dive deep into the ethereal, bringing profound revelations for us to continue discovering more truths that have been hidden from us. A time for transfiguration, a process that involves emerging from the shadows, the depths of our being, into the Light of who we are again. A process that requires a conscious transformation based on the personal alchemy that needs to occur for us to release an old self, and embrace our Illumined One. A transformation that at some level, we all are experiencing, as part of our individual choice, and natural process as species who are evolving.

This is also a month, for those who are immersed in the long-term innner work of polarity integration, to create the perfect equilibrium between opposite polarities, a message that will be reinforced by the spring Equinox on March 20. For it is a month where healing can occur in several ways, as its main essence is one of restoration, balance and expansion in whatever we choose to work with. This is a season for us to move from fear to our hearts, where only love resides and where only a Higher Wisdom can truly let us know, and helps us discern, what is really happening behind the many stories that we are being told.

Guides always share information regarding this season, as being the miracle one, as it is one in which, if we align properly with the current frequencies, we could manifest infinite peace, abundance and a deeper connection with the Illumined Worlds. For we have many cosmic events propitiating this galactic initiation, as during our ascension human path, we traverse many portals – initiating ourselves once and again in this endless evolutionary spiral. Humanity is now as a collective experiencing another initiation, one in which we can help by offering our utmost respect and compassion.

Due to the conglomeration of the many Planets in Pisces, as well as other benevolent forces of similar nature coming from outside of our Galaxy, it is a phase for us to manifest the soul desires that we would like to experience. March, as a universal 8 month is a season that invites us to create more love, abundance and stability into our lives.

However, all this cannot come if we first do not embrace our personal power and hence sovereignty to create our own reality and choose how to manifest, and what, within it, which is represented by the fiery tarot card of strength – a woman holding between her hands the jaws of a Lion (sun) – representing the physical strength that can only come through the power of love, wisdom and balance, cultivated within. This is the perfect representation for the Wise Goddess of Love embracing fiery Leo, calming his wildness with her loving essence.

The message is that all can be shifted and dissolved when our human self finally surrenders to a Higher Power that is within All things and beings, and lets it leads the way instead of forcing/moulding our reality with our egoic self, who can only envision a small and limited view of what is truly happening.

This is also a number that represents the infinite, for all is infinite in nature, and the only limitations are the ones created by our human minds, as it is the illusion of lack, coming from being immersed in a lower state of fear and separation. This is an opportunity for us to move inward and see where we still live in lack, where we still think that human resources are limited and can only come from the outside. For it is there where we begin limiting ourselves, by creating this same old story and by allowing its manifestation, in the physical.

Observe where you create limitations. All limitations come from what our human minds have been programmed to believe in what is possible and what is not. Every time you stand tall and walk on this Earth in deep communion with the Divine within you, knowing you always have all you need, loving everything that you are meant to experience, without any judgements, you are loving, and hence, you are creating abundance. The choice of what you need to experience at this moment, is always yours.

During this month regaining personal power, especially to express ourselves, is pivotal in a world where we are trying to be deeply manipulated. Speaking out truth and doing it lovingly and respectfully is essential, if we are going to regain sovereignty. Expressing our personal abilities in our unique way, who we are, what we came here to offer, without any fears is one of the most important things if we wish to seed our unique light spark during this transition, assisting the whole to continue stepping into its new illumined space.

At a cosmic level, we begin the Month by having Mars in Gemini together with another boost of magic as we too have Pallas entering into Pisces, a New Moon in this same Water sign, and finally Mercury as well a few days later. Piscean energies that introduce their opposite ones, Aries, for within our planetary wheel we begin again coming and going forth from individuality to unity consciousness. As it is all about learning that we are all One, and this can only occur when we begin by experiencing our individualized existence as human.

On one hand, Mars in the mutable sign of Gemini is a very positive influx for bringing more energy into the many changes that are happening in both within and in our physical plane, for all is shifting quickly within this five universal year, in which we will continue to be fully immersed in change, and is here where the potent energy of Mars will assist us to navigate through change in a fast and stable way, by having the proper strength that this sudden change requires.

Pallas in Pisces is an infusion together with Piscean energies of creativity. As we too have Mercury in Pisces, will help us more to embrace our imaginative ideas and direct it towards the proper manifestation of artistic creations, rather than just remaining in our mental plane, where we can fall into delusions.

It is an influx that also helps us in the expansion of our spiritual practices as well as to commune with our intuitive senses. However, the most important thing when these two benevolent forces reunite is to expand on compassion and healing for it is how we will most affect All.

Mercury in Pisces is indeed a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses – retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. For the ones who have already awaken their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time to receive, from the Illumined Realms or anything else, in the unique form they receive guidance, that can help them in their ascension path as well as others.

On March 20, we pass from Pisces to having the Sun in Aries together with the Equinox, when the energies will reach its maximum apogee. Usually, I spent this day, as guided, out in the sun, working with helping in the restoration of Earth’s structures, any other personal mission guidance received, or anything else I was informed that was necessary.

However, the guidance that came in for this year is a time for us to focus on the importance that clearing ourselves and stabilizing our own personal field and lives, has, at this time, as the only way to continue contributing in the proper equilibrium that must occur for the transition to continue. One that will take many years and that may seem chaotic but that is actually what is facilitating the exit of many who are choosing differently, for the next phase of their human journey and future existences to come.

On March 23, Pluto quintile Chiron. This is one of the most beneficial aspects regarding personal healing. A moment for us to work with inner alchemy, healing old wounds that are still traumatizing us, impeding us from breaking free from fears and blockages due to what once hurt us. Use your sacred inner power, one of love and infinite compassion to heal, clear and forgive yourself, for only by liberating yourself is that you heal and are able to move into a new direction. It is now the only moment to do so, for it is now that all is ready to disengage from the old and begin a new journey.

This is a shamanic rebirth that we all in some way or another are passing through, as we leave behind the old matrix. A season indeed for resurrecting into our Illumined Self, and for that this aspect will help us bringing into the conscious mind what needs to be dissolved and accepted, so we can continue with our process of rebirth.

We end the month again by having another Full Moon at 18 degrees Libra on March 28. Libra together with the energies from the Equinox will be a fountain of great balance and harmonic frequencies. As always it is up to us to take these days to focus on building inner peace and restoration rather than keep distracting ourselves with outer dramas, for in our way to conscious evolution, there must be always stops for us to regain strength, harmony and peace, in our way to endless expansion.

March brings us a New Light after walking a long path during these first two months of the Year, navigating between worlds and transitioning from one frequency into a higher one that have finally led us now into the new state of being that we have consciously decided to embrace, and that will allow us to flow, surrender, and bring into the surface all the inner visions we have received for the next steps of our journey.

March is a magical month in which we will move from the freedom of Aquarian energies into the visionary  ones of Pisces until we begin a New Cycle/Astrological Year again with the Sun entering in the first sign of the zodiac Aries on March 20 together with the Equinox on this same day. As always, we ascend within an endless spiral of infinite wisdom and possibilities and all we can do is dance as One with these other benevolent Forces within Creation, or keep choosing to live small. All equally respected and appreciated, for all choices serves Creation.

Have a blessed and loving March, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba