In The Infinite Whole All Is Possible

energy waves eraoflightdotcomIn the Infinite Whole all is possible. In truth nothing is impossible. It is only made impossible by our limited mind. Our minds can only stretch as far as the vibrational frequency band allows it to. The mind is finite.

The Heart center connected to the soul, though, can stretch into infinite space and manifest and experience thus within the infinite possibilities, indeed, worlds without end.

When the Higher Heart, the Sacred Heart and the Higher Mind, move into balance and harmony, the finite vaporizes, as now the Higher Mind works with and in tandem with the Sacred Heart and thus now, what is conceived, recognized, understood and transmitted via the Heart center, the mind can now manifest into form and being.

For so long humankind have tried to manifest, construct and rationalize via the mind alone. When one cuts out the heart center and the soul, one is not manifesting within Divine Universal Laws, which embraces WHOLENESS and ONENESS and thus is balanced. Thus, when only in the mind, one tends to create what destructs, destroys and harms because one tries to bypass the ultimate core of the soul, as connected directly to the heart.

The Heart is the seat of the Soul plus the Seat of the Power of Love. When we start entering infinite space through the heart center, we come from the heart of Love. Indeed, we now move into the state of higher inspiration, where the creative executive centers burst forth into being, and can now download information directly from the Core of the All-Knowing, Infinite Divine Source Space. Indeed, when the soul thus accesses such information, it transmits this information via the Soul Star and Heart Center, and then into the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind is now firmly connected and integrated in the Soul-Heart Centers and thus is entering infinite space.

This is indeed how, from the state of the Core Soul, Heart and the Power of Love, we will co-create in the New Earth and the New Golden Age.

Indeed, the more I am being moved into Infinite Space via my Soul and expanded Cosmic Knowing, the more humbled I become.

One cannot enter infinite space, without dissolving into it. Ego has no place in infinite space, for one moves into complete ONENESS with the Divine Source, and thus from the state of Oneness and total Unity, one now accesses the infinite knowing, the Infinite Seeing, and Infinite Hearing and thus transmits this into form and being on planet earth.

Indeed, such is the immensity of Divine Knowledge, that it is indeed infinite – has no beginning and has no end.

Judith Kusel