The Spiritual Meaning of Your Name

sacred geometry eraoflightdotcomDear Cosmic Community,

Have you ever wondered why you have the name that you do? Perhaps you love your name or perhaps you’ve changed or shortened it or perhaps you even wish that your name were different? What if you knew that you chose your name before you were even born?

For indeed your name is more than a name. It’s an energy imprint that you carry with you for your entire lifetime. And when you come to realise what power your name wields, I trust that you’ll look differently upon it and use it with the great respect that it deserves…

Choosing Your Name Before Birth

It may be difficult to comprehend in your human life, but as an infinite soul of the light, you have full say over when, where and how you will incarnate on Earth and indeed, over what your name will be. You see ‘you’ do choose your own name. You choose your first name, middle name (if you have one) and your last or family name, based upon the energy and power that it will emit throughout your lifetime. While it may seem that your parents choose your name, you are the one influencing their choices from behind the spiritual scenes. For the soul that you are, plans the entire scope of your human life path, before you’re even born. You plan on a myriad of life options, so that any and all outcomes are up to you and will add to the rich tapestry of life experiences that are recorded upon your soul.

The Soul’s Path, Purpose and Your Name

As a soul, the spiritual realm is your natural home and your natural state. Before you’re born into your human life, you’re living through your soul life. Your soul life is also where you go to after your human life and indeed, even while you’re incarnated on Earth, you’re in constant connection with your soul home. Indeed, it’s a conscious choice to decide to incarnate in human form, to advance your first-hand knowledge of creation and the physical reality of form. Souls may also choose to incarnate to balance experiences from previous human lives – to ‘right wrongs’, so to speak and/or to assist with humanity’s ascension. This is why it’s so important (to the soul) that you take the greatest advantage of every opportunity in your life – so that you advance your innate knowing.

Therefore, waking up to whom one is, while one is living a human life – is a crucial step. It’s the path of ascension which involves living a conscious life. Of course, not every soul remembers who they are ‘during’ their human life and therefore, many souls choose to incarnate time after time – testing themselves during each human lifetime to advance and grow.

This is where your name can help…

“Names are like markers. They remind you of who you are and where your innate talents and skills lie”
— Elizabeth Peru

Your First Name

This is the name that you’re known by. This is the name that most people call you by and the name that will be written and/or said hundreds of thousands of times throughout your lifetime. Your first name carries great energy and power. Every time it’s spoken it reminds you of who you are and the purpose that you came into this life to lead. You see on an energetic level, every first name carries with it a different energy flow, dependent upon the experiences that you have associated with that name over lifetimes.

Your first name calls you to attention. It pulls head into heart immediately and integrates your consciousness into the present moment. When someone says your first name, you listen – you hear – you become ready for the next steps. Souls will often choose first names that remind them of a period in human history that they’re fond of. Perhaps a period, where they enjoyed an empowered lifestyle in a previous incarnation. Souls may also choose first names that are encoded with a deeper meaning that points them towards their connection with spirit and the divine – and indeed the life skills that they’re here to use and hone.

For example, the sound ‘EL’ relates to the Angelic Realm and those with ‘EL’ in their name, such as Michael, Rachel, Ella, Adele, Angelo etc. will have an affinity with The Angelics. These souls may be called to lead lives that see them using their spiritual skills to help heal, awaken and uplift humanity. Similarly the sound ‘AH’ is the sound of creation (the breath of life) so first names that have the ‘AH’ sound in them (there are so many globally) such as Lakshmi, Samantha, Rebecca, Noah, Talia etc. remind souls that they’re here to uphold life and use their creative abilities in pursuing their path and purpose.

And every society and culture has their own special sounds that when ‘said in a first name’ evoke a deeper, spiritual meaning. I invite you to write down your full first name and say it out aloud – very slowly. What sounds can you hear? What do they mean to you? How sacred does it feel to say your first name with purpose and honour?

Your Middle Name

Many people have one or more ‘middle’ names, which are very interesting when we look into their deeper spiritual meaning. For, it’s your middle name, which can point towards the often ‘hidden’ aspects of your divine life path and indeed your talents and skills. By ‘hidden’ I mean the aspects of who you are that become slowly unveiled and revealed, the more deeply that you move through your human life and the more consciously that you evolve. Indeed, we rarely refer to ourselves by our middle name. So, I suggest that you if you have a middle name, that you try interchanging it from time to time with your first name. Some people, even refer to themselves by their first and middle name – often dropping their last or family name – to invoke a more personal life path experience.

If you don’t have a middle name, it can suggest that all of your potential is already included in your first name and also within your last name. There’s nothing hidden or mysterious to uncover about who you are. You’re able to define your path with less inner searching.

Your Family/Last Name

This is the name that defines your human lineage and can either relate to your father, mother or a combination of the two. In many ways it ties you into a group dynamic from birth (the family) and for many this can either feel empowering or dis-empowering. Many women (and men) may change their last name at marriage (or equivalent) or create a hyphenated version of both last names. This again changes the dynamic of your life path significantly.

Your last/family name can often point towards the career path or life’s work (service) that you’re best suited to. It can give insights into the skills and talents that you’ve practiced over lifetimes and have brought with you, into this lifetime. You see, every experience that you’ve ever had, is recorded upon the shimmering fabric of your soul. Your soul is a great recorder of everything. You never lose your lessons. You carry them forward through all time and space. You are the sum total of everything that you’ve ever experienced.

I often marvel at the last/family names we choose for ourselves and how they help guide our path. I’ve known a tailor whose last name was ‘Taylor.’ A chiropractor whose last name was ‘Bak’. A ‘Mason’ who went on to study archeology and a ‘Bell’ who went on to be a sound healer. How many people with last/family names that describe them to a tee, do you know? Indeed, many people often decide to change their last name of their own accord and that can change the entire energy flow of your life. I’ll discuss ‘changing names’ below.

Your Soul Name

And then we come to your soul name, or should I say, your ‘soul sound’ because the soul resonates with vibration – with movement and the quality of sounds. Each of us has an innate sound that we emit. It’s like our soul signature and we could call it our ‘soul name’. Perhaps you already have an inkling of your soul name? You can go into your heart and ask soul what your soul name or soul sound is. Simply close your eyes, place your hands over your heart, breathe deeply in and out of the heart (your soul chamber) and when you feel relaxed ask soul, ‘What is my soul name, my soul sound?’ Listen within. You may start to intuitively say a sound out aloud – trust in what you’re given. Your soul name/sound may make no logical sense to you. Soul’s language is very simple, cosmic and ancient.

When you receive a soul name/sound I advise that you keep it to yourself. It’s sacred to you. Saying your soul name releases your power. So keep your soul name close to you, for those times when you’re consciously aligning with the universe to direct the life of your dreams.

Changing Your Name

Many people decide to consciously change their first name, middle name and/or last name throughout their life time. They may either just start calling themselves by a different name and/or follow through and also legally change their name. Indeed, changing your name can bring a wave of fresh energy into your life – particularly if you do so by consciously by embracing the energy of the new name that you’re using. It indeed may be an important step in shifting and advancing your life path. Many people also love the sense of personal empowerment that comes with consciously changing your name once you’re incarnated. There’s no shame in changing your name. Indeed, it can show great foresight and strength of character to do so.

Shortening Your Name

Many people have their first or last names shortened, by either either family members and friends growing up, or by partners and work colleagues as an adult. Many people choose to use a shortened version of their name for themselves. Perhaps they have negative connotations associated with their full name or perhaps they were ridiculed for it when they were young. Many people also use ‘nick names’, which may or may not have anything to do with their actual first or last name. Often used to express affection or love and to bring people closer together – your nickname may even be a secret name that only a select important few know about and call you by.

What I’ve discovered over many years of working in mentoring sessions with people from all over the globe, is that when we decide to embrace our original full birth name (first name in particular) it can bring back great power into one’s life. For example, I once worked with a woman who had gone by the name ‘Alex’ her whole life, yet her born with first ‘full’ name was Alexandra. When I explained to her that her full name had the ‘AH’ sound in it twice, the sound of creation and letting go, her whole body lit up. I suggested that she try using her full first name again. She did. And many weeks later she contacted me excitedly to let me know what a huge difference it had made to nearly every aspect of her life. She felt whole, mature and empowered again.

Embracing The Power of Your Name

In this blog post, I’ve just scratched the surface in highlighting, the deeper spiritual meaning of our names, but as you can see, there is so much written about out path and identity within the names that we choose to go by in our human life. What I do know wholeheartedly is that names carry great spiritual power. When you say them with conviction and surety you invoke the potency of the universe and you activate your greatest potential.