Judas Iskariot: World Within You

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI’m Judas and today I would like to talk about a few other things. Part of it concerns yourself, part of it concerns the world you live in. The world that you yourself have created as a human collective. You also have a world within you, a whole world that lives and moves within you. They work according to the conditions they have depending on the energy they get through food, thoughts and emotions. Your outer well-being is reflected in your inner well-being. It can give a clue to how you should take care of yourself. This applies on the physical level, as well as on the mental, emotional and mental levels. Everything belongs together and forms a unit and they affect each other in a positive or negative way. If you are happy and harmonious, it affects the other planes within yourself and a healing can occur physically or mentally. Proper nutrition can provide the same results. The body needs energy to function optimally. You can only get clean energy from “clean” food, which can be difficult to get on Earth today. Toxins have escalated all over the planet today, in the air, in the water and in the earth. Some places are more vulnerable than others, but there is no place that is completely free of toxins. The body can free itself from a lot but not as much as it wants, and it requires that you opt out of food that is contaminated. The same can apply to your thoughts and feelings.

The earth is now seeking to free itself from these toxins that also affect your bodies. It may be time to review your vegetation, water, soil and air that you breathe in, and develop methods that benefit yourself and the earth in the best way. This in turn will strengthen your immune system which now has to work extra hard to get all the toxins out of your body. This can be important to keep in mind in the times you are in right now. Your immune system works for you and not against you, but it must have the conditions to be able to keep you healthy and well. Those conditions exist in your living environment, in the inner as well as in the outer. If you change the inner, you change the outer. It’s all about being aware of oneself. Ask yourself .. What is good for me? It can be on the physical, emotional, mental or the astral plane. What’s good for me? What steps should I take to get there? Start with something small, something that you feel and may have felt for a long time that you want / need to do to feel good. Step by step you can heal yourself and become more aware of your inner abilities.

Start now, dear Earthlings, the time is now, to heal yourself and your Earth. Everything belongs together, you can not do one thing without affecting the other. Wake up to who you are and give yourself what you need. It is important to think about now and think a little about what it is that you need, what it is that is really important in your life. It is by giving yourself the best you can get that you help not only yourself but also humanity and the Earth. The little consciousness goes into the big consciousness and becomes a cog in the wheel of the big consciousness. 🙂 The more cogs…. yes the rest you understand yourself.

I believe in you, I see how you have evolved and I see the light grow in your hearts.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg