Lightness of Being

gift of giving eraoflightdotcomJoy is something which is inherent in every single soul, and indeed in all of life. When joy is bursting forth from deep within the soul, magic happens. For when the soul is filled with joy, it is filled with the Lightness of Being, thus filled with light, and love, and this sprinkles joy on all it encounters, for it can do and be and become no other.

Joy is ever present in all forms of life and expressions. One need only watch children and animals, and one will find that essence of inner joy and delight in simply being alive and well displayed everywhere. Is it not that when we witness animals playing and bouncing with joy, our spirits lift and soar, and we discover the inner joy again?

It is the same with children: Children will find joy and delight in all they discover, like chasing a butterfly, playing in mud, dancing and singing because their inner joy burst forth and they just allow the joy to overflow from deep within them.

When we truly step into the highest truth of our soul, we will find joy’s bounty reflected everywhere. We will indeed find the fountains of Joy within ourselves, our own soul, and we will sprinkle Joy on everyone and everything we encounter. It comes naturally.

More than this, where Joy is present, magic and miracles happen. For Joy attracts magical moments and miracles indeed often alight upon one’s shoulders when one least expects it.

Mother Earth brings and gifts joy in so many myriad of ways, as her bounty blesses us, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, dabbled colours. The Sea brings joy with the bountiful waters, the ebb and rising and crashing of the waves on the shore, the mountains majestic, the plants, the animals, the air. All there, to gift us with joy.

In Old 3D, we so often allowed others to steal our inner joy. We allowed us to shut down, and we so often became blind and did not feel nor see the exuberant bounty, the joy life brings in every living moment.

As we step ever higher in consciousness and into the truth of our soul and are being reborn into the higher dimensional state, the more the inner joy sprouts forth. We start finding joy in little things, and more than this, often stand in awe and wonder. We have a sense of exploration, and then delighting and joyfully finding so much which we never experienced before.

We find joy in walking in the company of heavens, and indeed, we are so filled with inner joy, that we literally shine and radiate forth and sprinkle joy on all and everything and everyone we meet.

More than this, we find joy is saying thank you! We find joy in expressing of deepest and most heartfelt gratitude.

Indeed, we so often stand in awe and wonder, entranced and enchanted by the awesomeness of life and life more abundantly, as indeed this brings a deep and abiding joy.

For indeed, we are the pioneers, we are the way showers, we are the Children from the Stars, and indeed, while we are here on planet earth, let us make the most of this life we have been given and let us find the inner joy and sprinkle this on everyone we meet and everything. Indeed, we lighten and brighten the world with joy and wonder, for indeed we are the Joy and Love, and which is cocreating the New Earth and life and life more abundantly!

Judith Kusel