The Pleiadian Network: Morphing

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomWe are the Pleiadian Network, a group of beings from various high councils that have good intentions and well meaning responses to the activities being presented to you within your field matrix. We hesitate to use the previously conceived third dimensional descriptive for that is no longer your current state of reality. You are morphing quite rapidly through the various levels and fields within the fourth dimensional hologram, rapidly leaving 3D behind. For this we applaud your efforts for we are very much familiar and aware of the physical strain that one feels while within the lower dimensional hologram realities that push and pull on one’s resolve.

We are the Pleiadian Network. We represent our own home worlds within the Pleiades star system network. There are many of us. We number around 100 of your comprehension but we are aware of our multidimensionality so in actuality our numbers are far greater. For this we are not unique within our perspective but unique within yours. But not for much longer for those of you who are ascending within the spiral Merkabah matrices will realize that as with every point of the Merkabah tetrahedral complex there are multiple points of variables that could of course represent a fractalized and different version of reality. We realize that it is time for Earth and her inhabitants to embrace the higher dimensional form within and without. (I am seeing waves of light oscillate with various points and nodes becoming still as the vibration increases, like tuning a radio. I am seeing that as the frequency increases there are more nodes upon the frequency line. I am seeing that these nodes represent various aspects of ourselves. As we vibrate higher we are more aware of our multidimensionality. If we reach out to our other aspects the nodes connect like holding hands, strengthening our connection and resolve.)

We are the Pleiadian Network. We represent home worlds of peace whose primary objective is to expand into love and increase knowledge of love expansion through the creatorship abilities innate within. You are aspects of us. We assisted in seeding your world. We are involved now to assist with furthering of completion of this project of love. The dark ones infiltrated and destroyed many of our home worlds during the dark wars but now our area is an area of peace and we take comfort in this. We wish for you to be able to say the same, that your sector is a sector of peace and tranquility. The dark energies will no longer have a place on and within your sphere. Gaia’s future is bright and clear. We wish for you to feel this inner assurance as you continually plod on and clear and claim your mastery. We see this as imminently plausible. We eagerly await our further involvement with ascending humanity. Our hearts are full of love and joy for you.

We are the Pleiadian Network. Our light is strong. We wish for you to feel our light extend into you, activating your inner Merkabah of light, furthering your ascension journey. (I am seeing the merkabah of white light spin creating an internal spiral. I see that all of the points of the tetrahedron area spinning activating further the DNA that has been cut, recreating it. I am seeing that our DNA has been trained to be sedentary but it was supposed to spin and this is correcting.)

We are the Pleiadian Network. We cannot take full responsibility for your past or your future but we can assist when lovingly requested. You are strong enough for this task. It is imperative that you hold on tightly to this inner knowing for much shaking and confusion will occur. Those who wish to not continue on their ascension path will not. Grief is a heavy emotion. They are simply transitioning to the other side to assist and to continue their own path as they are ready and able to do so. As multi-dimensional beings you are well aware that you may call upon your future ascended self for assistance and further resolve in this sacred now and although not all will be made clear to you, your steps will be stronger and surer for you have the power within you. You simply must claim that you do. You are creator gods. Your realities shift and spin with each thought, which is why predicting times and dates is unwise. Harness your creator ability with great love and intention. Plant intentions of healing all over your realm. (I am seeing Pleiadians planting neat green rows of small plants on Gaia it the beginning.) Yes, these represent our intentions for purity and growth, for expansion and creativity. Do this now for your own world. (I am seeing that these roots on the small green plants become crystals as they grow deep within creating the crystalline network globally that is now fully turned on. I am seeing these crystals human and spin and glow. Gaia is singing.)

We are the Pleiadian Network. We activate with your permission your inner Merkabah to fully expand at the appropriate time of your ascension, and in this time to assist with the inner working repair of your own DNA matrix. We see that our message has completed its primary objective of awareness of us, for we know that you are aware of us. Our secondary objective has been to have you feel our love and healing and we do hope that this objective was achieved with the love, care and gentle activations that were intended. We are the Pleiadian Network. Peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl