Buddha: Spreading Your Wings

buddha eraoflightdotcomGreetings,

I am Buddha and I am very happy to be here today. Oh my goodness, it has been a real while since my last message. As usual, I have been very busy plus my channel was busy too.

I hope everyone is doing well and staying uplifted in this chaotic reality. I am delighted to see that your old system is falling down each day more and more. The control mechanism that lasted here for thousands years, it’s losing power, and one day you are going to wake up to a new world without any poverty and pain.

You are going to spread ‘’your wings like a bird and fly’’. Just think for a minute how great that is going to be by being completely free from worries about money. All of your dreams and desires will be fulfilled, and you will quit your boring jobs and instead you will be focusing on helping humanity to continue to grow as a civilization.

It makes me very happy that these changes are coming to Mother Earth. It took a lot of spiritual work during this transition from the old reality to the new one, from 3D to 5D to get to this point.

Long time ago, during my time being here as a human, I was clueless about the outside world. I was born to wealth, so I didn’t know anything about, what was happening in the real world. Believe me, I learned quickly about poverty and death, when I left my father’s home.

I want to bring to your attention that despite all of the control by the Negative forces, everything on this planet got evolved and reached the level needed in vibration to ascend and make a New Society here. These are amazing and joyful times for the humankind to be able to come to the place in their history, where suffering, diseases and poverty are going to completely disappear and become old memories.

Meantime, before you get to that harmionious 5th dimension, you need to participate in this process by doing daily simple steps. Please, every morning start with being grateful for being alive and having a meal on your table. The most important part before leaving your home is to do your daily meditation. The meditations will raise your consciousness, which is going to guide you through your day.

Remember, contemplating the truth is very important and rewarding for you, especially during this time. The Dark Entities don’t like to be around someone who is radiating with Light and Love from their soul. Also, your meditations are going to help you with your daily encounters by smoothing away any obstacles that come your way and by bringing flow to your life. It helped me, when I was Buddha here on Earth, it opened up possibilities and gifts in me, this is how I became a spiritual leader.

Even today, I still guide, mentor and teach as an Ascended Master. I am very happy to assist anyone who needs my help. Yes, I am supporting humanity’s transition into a higher level of existence. I hope that all of you realize how blessed you are to be able to ascend with your physical bodies and reach Nirvana, state of total bliss.

Learn how to express forgiveness and love to everyone and everything no matter what, it will help you to speed up the process of raising your vibration. I am here to reinforce this truth and show you the path to enlightenment for the ones, who got lost and need to be guided.

Please, remember you are the ones who are going to bring Light to this part of the Galaxy. I am Buddha, and I am overjoyed to delivery this message today to all of you. Please, stay strong and be well. I am sending my blessings and my love. Thank you.


**Channel: Erena Velazquez