Twin Flames: A Divine Path of Unconditional Love

Divine Union EraofLightdotcomThe twin flame journey is a path of energy awakening, shaping, shifting, activating, and creating. It pushes you through layers and layers of wounding in order to create a higher energy frequency on the planet. This multidimensional connection brings soul lovers into oneness as they balance and energetically merge. It is in this energy frequency that they physically reunite to continue their mission together.

A twin flame is magnetic, the chemistry is raw, and it is out of this world. The desire to be inside each other is very strong, wanting to be as close as possible on the physical plane. Yes, it is a highly romantic and passionate connection yet there is so much more to it. It is a path of accelerated ascension.

When you first meet, you may not understand the full capacity of this connection. Your twin will spark the flame within causing your chakras to ignite. Your twin’s energy activates kundalini energy, disturbing all that gets in the way of flow. This causes a whole lot of physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts to surface.

At first, you may treat this connection as a conventional romantic relationship (as this is all you’ve known) but you soon realize the “usual” does not work. It may be difficult to describe this connection in words and only those who have met their twin flame will truly understand.

There is no turning back after your twin awakens you. Like magnets, you keep getting pulled to each other. It’s nearly impossible to ignore the magnitude of this connection. Even if you try and walk away, the Universe does an amazing job in orchestrating ways to bring you together. In a stadium of over 100,000 people, what are the odds of looking up and seeing your twin looking down at you (just one of many personal experiences)!

The twin flame connection is not of this world and you may feel overwhelmed at times, especially early on in the journey. You will most likely look for answers as this dynamic can make you feel crazy at times. The energy sensations, signs and synchronicities, repeating number sequences, enhanced intuition, telepathy, and other supernatural events, are mind blowing, especially if it was in your nature to be more logical.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding about the twin flame journey as many confuse karmic (catalysts) relationships with twin flames. Not everyone needs or experiences a strong karmic connection before meeting their sacred partner. Most often, they mistaken the connection as a twin flame but will eventually find out it wasn’t true love. If the connection brings you closer to love and divinity, your connection is pure.

As your chakras expand and shift, you will come closer to Divinity as you become a clearer channel for light to come in. Your connection to Spirit soars as you feel the unconditional love and connection to everyone and everything. Your purpose becomes more clear and you are, what Spirit calls, “enlisted”.

This is the first time they used this term with me. What does it mean? It means you made a choice to be in the spiritual “military” so to speak and have made enough progress to activate others. You are making a difference in the energies of the collective and that of the Earth’s frequency. As you ascend, you go up in rank, but this does not mean you are above anyone else in an ego kind of way. It just means you have more power in the amount of impact you have on the collective and in breaking away at the matrix.

When you are in union within, you are in union with your beloved twin flame on an energetic level on this Earth and in the current timeline. As your energy bodies merge and unite, the concentration of energy is magnified. Your inner work affects your twin more and more as you clear your path. Remember, as you are one, you are always in union on the higher planes, no matter what you see or feel.

When you first start your awakening process, there is one twin who grounds for the other. This is the divine masculine energy. Sometimes it’s male and sometimes it’s female…it is not gender based. Every soul encompasses both energies, yet one of the pair encompasses more of one energy. As you progress, it becomes more balanced with your divine counterpart’s energy…this is energetic union (balance of masculine and feminine energies). When you feel balanced within, there are less triggers and will operate more from the heart as opposed to the ego. You encompass a heart consciousness.

The grounding energy is an integral piece in this dynamic as this brings the union energies down to Earth. If there was not enough grounding during the accelerated ascension process, it would not bring the intended results. Think of it like a helium balloon on a string that is being held by a child. If the child lets go of the balloon, it flies high up in the sky and out of sight. Of course this is an analogy and the physical body would not fly away, but in an energetic sense, the energy would escape the Earth and the whole point is to bring this high frequency of love into the Earth and the collective.

Twin flames will trigger, push, and pull each other until enough is cleared to come physically together. You cannot be in a true physical union until the energetic union is complete. Why is this? Because the energy body, when not in balance and integrated with the activations, will become distorted. What does this mean? It means your energy is like “haywire”. You won’t be able to process and function in this dense world because it is too overwhelming as you are “energetically growing and expanding”. This is why time apart is vital during the ascension phase, so you can actively clear without creating any further disturbances.

As you learn and grow, evolve and expand, it is best not to judge the connection. As you focus your energy more upon yourself, you will grow, shift, and expand much more quickly then focusing on your divine counterpart. This connection was meant to bring you to your highest self and into the highest possible vibration of unconditional love on this planet. Once you achieve this energetic vibration, your divine counterpart ascends and will meet you on the same dimension. Your physical union aligns when you release all expectations, thoughts, and resistance. And even then, there are other factors in play that will determine this alignment. It is best to go with the flow, focusing on self love and purpose. Do the inner work, process triggers, heal and release emotions, and ascend into spiritual enlightenment. This is when the journey becomes easier.

As you heal for yourself, you heal for the planet. Your healing brings about many shifts and activations to this planet. You are healing not only your own wounds but you are also healing those of your ancestors and any templates you have chosen to take on before this lifetime. Be assured that your chosen path is not without joy, passion, and love. You will be rewarded in great ways. Your deeds and service to the collective has far-reaching results.

Your twin flame is your identical match. No matter what you see in the physical, the love is never ending. The connection is forever. True love never fails.

**Source **By Donna Fisher