The Power of Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomThe Power of Love is what sees us through… All is in great flux and flow and we are all standing on fluctuating ground. Yet through this all, so many are getting depressed or are uncertain at this time, or just need to not know their way forward.

This is because the New Earth is here, but we still are in the process of transfiguration, and thus one foot in the Old Earth and one in the new.

There is in truth nothing to fear – no matter what the outside world may throw at you, know that the Divine Masterplan is on track. Do not allow anyone or anything to pull you into the quagmire of fear and density of the Old World, which in truth only exists in holographic form. All is illusion.

In the Ancient Mystery Schools, your inner soul strength and faith were tested, and many did not make it through the initiations, mainly because they allowed fear to overcome them, and then they forgot to apply what they had been taught, and forget to stand in the fullness of their own Divinity.

Some were thrown in snake pits filled with poisonous vipers: one could only survive if you overcame fear and stepped into the fullness of your soul mastery (as you were taught beforehand and indeed tools were given to you), and thus even if those vipers would bite you, you would not be affected. Indeed, you came out of there alive and well and in a much higher and altered state than ever before. You had transcended the physical limitations and all fear, and thus now stood in the fullness of your soul mastery.

There it nothing that the Power of Love cannot break into and through.

More than this, when you are so ATONE with the Divine, you will be lifted into a much higher vibrational frequency band (that of the New Earth and Highest Mastery), where nothing and no one can touch you.

At this time we are in the state of remastering, soul mastery.

In the highest degrees.

And soul mastery, is there within yourself, and never outside of yourself.

It is indeed a state of highest unconditional love, and ONENESS with the Divine, fully embracing the Divinity within.

There lie our greatest initiations as souls at this momentous time.

Judith Kusel