In The Company of Heavens

new sun higher lightSo many souls are looking outside of themselves, on global levels for answers, guidance and soul growth, when in truth the answers to their soul purpose, mission and calling and fulfillment of this, lies not in outside forces on earth, but within their own soul, their soul contracts, and their soul groups, amplified by the Divine Source, the Angelic, Archangelic Forces, plus their own Ascended Masters and their own Higher Guides.

The truth is that no soul ever incarnates on planet earth, without the Divine and Universal systems of support, which are available to every single soul day and night, 24 hours day and night. Yet, if one does not seek the higher guidance and Divine company, one cannot be guided, for these beings will not intervene with your own free will and choice, while still in the 3D. In the higher dimensional state, the 5th, 7th, and higher, Divine Will and the Soul Will become one and the same.

I could not do the work I am doing, not have done what I did in the last few years, if it were not for the fact, that I constantly seek the Company of the Divine and Company of Heavens, and ask for guidance, clarity and wisdom. Yet, it is not enough to just listen to the guidance and seeking it – one needs to put ACTION steps into motions as well, and these are the leaps of faith.

Add to this that we grow most as souls, not through support we get, but mostly through the challenges that we need to face and the challenges we have overcome. When I look back at my life, and I have had severe challenges to overcome, I can see how I was carried through those times, and more than this, how much I have gained in Soul Growth and wisdom from those challenges. Indeed, I now know, that no matter what life throws at me, and what challenges come up, I will always be guided, always be lifted beyond anything I have ever known before. I have learnt to trust and to surrender to Divine Will, and in surrendering I am not losing my soul power, but gaining in trust, faith and indeed see miracles unfolding because I dared to get out of my own way.

The minute fear sets in, or panic, or more than this, the questioning of the guidance received and not trusting what has been given, one starts shooting oneself in the foot. If you allow the outside voices, such as well meaning family, friends, society etc. to drown out the guidance you have received – you will get lost. For now you are disempowering yourself and allow other people to run your life for you, because you fear to step into the truth of your own soul and you fear listening to your own gut feelings and your own intuitive knowing, Divine Guidance and to call in the company of heavens to assist the journey of their soul, day and night. To listen to guidance, to trust it, and to take those leaps of faith.

For we are never without all the support, all the guidance, nor the Divine Presence.

It is a matter of tuning in, and then listening deep within and then acting upon the guidance given and not allow anyone or anything to negatively influence you, or to pull you off-track.

Indeed, all souls are here on planet earth to live their highest soul purpose and calling, with great love. When the soul is truly living their highest soul calling and purpose, they will live it from the heart and soul, and thus AS ONE with the Divine and embracing their Divinity within.

I know who I am in truth.

I know what I am in truth.

I am living my highest soul truth, calling and purpose, with unconditional love.

I am embracing all that I am – as I am in truth.

Judith Kusel