Invocation of the Archangels

new light human eraoflightdotcomInvocations are a powerful and sacred way of calling forward the presence and support of mighty beings such as Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters etc.

We can make an Angel or Archangel invocation and call the mighty beings of light to us and into our aura.

As Invocations are very powerful and sacred, they should be done mindfully, when we are quiet and still. They are even more powerful if done with a group.

I now invoke the Archangel Michael to stand at my right hand side. I ask him to pour courage and strength into me and bring about positive results to my endeavours. I now request that he cuts all negative cords and attachments with his sword. I ask that he places the blue cloak of protection, over my shoulders, the hood over my crown chakra, and zips it from under my feet, right up to my chin, so that only that which is of the highest and purest light may enter my aura.

(Pause for a moment so that Archangel Michael can complete his work and communicate anything he wishes to you.)

I now invoke Archangel Gabriel to stand at on left hand side in his pure white ray. I ask that he pours his pure white energy into my aura and brings me guidance about my next step or my pathway. I ask that the symbols of my life’s mission be illumined and activated now. Please bring joy, grace, clarity, understanding, generosity, discipline and order into my life.


I now invoke the mighty Archangel Uriel to stand in front of me and fill my aura with his purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. Help me too soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with brotherhood and sisterhood, higher understanding and serenity. Please break my mental and emotional chains and free me from all my fears.


I now invoke the mighty Archangel Raphael of the emerald ray to stand behind me. I ask that he pour healing and abundance consciousness into me. I ask for protection on my journeys and that I am impressed with justice, truth and vision.


I now invoke Archangel Chamuel of the pink ray to expand the flame of love in my heart. Please help me find compassion and forgiveness for myself and for everyone I have ever harmed knowingly or unknowingly. I ask that my heart be opened at a personal and cosmic level. Please open my heart and soul to ever greater levels of love and being a pure channel for love to this world.


I now invoke the mighty Archangel Jophiel to pour the golden light of wisdom and illumination onto me through my crown centre. I ask that his wisdom light up and inspire my mind, helping me to learn and teach at the highest level. I ask that the symbols of wisdom I have accumulated throughout my lifetimes be lit up and activated now. I ask that he clears the energy in and around me, my home and my workspace. Please clear the energy within and around me. Clear my thoughts so that I can only think beautiful and positive thoughts.


I now invoke the mighty Archangel Zadkiel of the violet ray of mercy, joy and transmutation to pour the violet flame into my aura. I ask for all my negativity to be released and dissolved and replaced with joy, diplomacy and tolerance.


(With acknowledge to the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension of which I am trained teacher.)

Judith Kusel