Stop Staying Small for Fear of Judgement

lightworker eraoflightdotcomSo often we keep ourselves small because of our fear of judgement and what others might say. “What if I say something that people don’t like?” “What if they reject me?” “What if they’re mean?” “What if they say something unkind?”

When we start stepping into our true power and owning who we are, these questions will come up. They always do. And it’s something to celebrate, because it means we’re growing.

But when someone does reject us, if they’re mean, or say something unkind. It can be really tough while we’re first cracking out of our shells into the light.

How I Deal With Fear Of Judgement

I use to suffer deeply with these fears. And something happened recently that I’d like to share with you.

Last week I posted a video about stepping into my truth and claiming my power as a healer. It was a no holding back outpour of my heart, where I was truly showing up and being vulnerable.

You guys were so amazing. You sent so many beautiful comments, and I appreciate them so much.

Then a little later someone posted a comment that said “don’t care”.

Many moons ago I would have read this comment, and I would have been crushed.

I would have thought oh my gosh, should I take the video down.

I would have focused on this one negative (not really significant comment), and started questioning wether me speaking my truth and being vulnerable was the right thing to do.

I would have allowed somebody else’s opinion to shatter my truth.

But these days, after a lot of my own inner work, I feel differently.

There’s always room for an informed conversation. It’s OK if someone doesn’t agree with your opinions and wants to have an engaged, open hearted discussion around it. I’m by no means advocating that we should delete or block everyone that disagrees with us.

Protecting Your Energy From Judgement

However, what I am encouraging you to do, is to protect your energy from fear of judgement.

If someone comes into your personal space with a negative comment, that in no way shape or form:

  • Helps to facilitate a conversation

  • Allows for an expansion of consciousness

  • Or gives room for two different opinions

  • If that person’s comment is simply nasty or ugly.

Then delete it.

Also if it feels necessary – block them.

You are the creator and protector of your space and energy. And it’s your choice whether or not you want to engage with people who are coming from a different vibration.

Also it’s your choice if you want to engage with people who are speaking through the lens of fear. And your choice if you want to entertain their fears in an attempt to to expand consciousness.

However, it’s also your choice to protect your space and energy from vibrations that simply don’t resonate, or are disrespectful to your intention of openness and vulnerability.

If this happens to you I truly suggest (if you’re able).. to take some time, sit with the comment, and ask;

“Will diving deep into this comment and responding support the highest good, or is it in my benefit and the benefit of my community to remove this energy and release it”.

You are a beautiful being of light. Do not let someone else’s negative comment stop you from speaking your truth.

Find Your People

There are one hundred times more people who are open to receive the message that you have been sent here to give. One hundred times more people that are open to your vulnerability.

Because when you share your truth, it may trigger a response in them, helping them to recognize new things and have a deeper sense of awareness.

There’s no need for anyone to stay small or shrink for fear of judgement, or others rejecting their message. And the people that may reject you from time to time? They’re not your people. It may be that they’re not ready to receive your message, or that they simply don’t resonate at all.

Also if they don’t care (and actually take the time to tell you they don’t care) – then they have no place in your community.

Again, I’m not advocating that we disengage from comments that might be challenging.

Maybe you don’t have to go there with every single person that pops up with a negative comment. They don’t know you. And there is nothing that they could ever say that could dim your light.

You’re Not The Only One…

So my darlings, I just wanted to share that with you, and let you know that it happens to me every once in a while.

What’s important is that we show up with love..

We show up with vulnerability..

We show up with heart..

We show up with soul..

Now this may not resonate with everyone – and that’s OK!

So I’m still going to continue being me and sharing my message, because I know there are people out there who want to hear it and can benefit.

For that reason, I’m not shrinking for the people who “don’t care”, because my message obviously isn’t for them. And that’s OK.

Also this goes out to all my soul sisters and brothers sharing their light and their truth.

Keep showing up for you..

Keep showing up for Source..

Keep showing up for each other..

Certainly, the world needs your light. For that reason, we are so profoundly grateful for you!!