Surfing The Energies of March 2021

waves of light 5d eraoflightdotcomThere is so much change, with so many new possibilities, that it’s disorienting. The phrase “cognitive dissonance” has entered everyday lexicon to describe the trance-like state that surfaces as you gradually begin to understand. The way you thought things were, never was? How can that be? The institutions that made you feel safe and protected – lies? Manipulations? Control mechanisms? Steady deterioration and decline of health and well-being, so much death, an incredibly prosperous, costly healthcare industry while so many people are dying?

Cognitive Dissonance Throws You Off-balance

You have to find a new way to stabilize yourself, to find and hold your center, while you feel who you are Now. The phrase “Now Moment” has also entered our lexicon, words that are code to remember that NOW is the only place you’re alive. NOW is the only place you have any power. And NOW is where you design and build the life you’ll live next.

We’re Experiencing an Energetic Earth quake

…and the aftershocks and new tremors keep rolling in. In Andean shamanism, it’s called a pachakuti. Pacha = World. Kuti = Reversal. Up side down. Any questions?

You Might Be Tempted to Spiritual Bypass

…in an effort to mitigate the pain. Don’t do it. It’s an artificial bliss if the wound is still there and it will continue to anchor you in lower vibrations and impede your progress until you acknowledge what’s true for you.  Let the pain come to awareness so it can deliver its message and fade away. Feel it but don’t attach to the story. Release it as it moves through you. Make it a point to notice the waves of excitement as well as grief as you awaken to possibilities you want to lean into – that you want to turn into probabilities. Are you enjoying a slower pace, more solitude? Has isolation prompted you to reach out to nurture relationships special to you? There is a gift in every circumstance. Are you choosing to build on the magic that is happening? It’s available to you, if you work with it.

As We Awaken

– acknowledge the reality of what we see all around us – we are consciously bridging the 3rd Dimension and the 5 th Dimension in the process of Ascension. The 3rd Dimension is the material reality as we’ve known it. The 5th Dimension is becoming material from a higher vibrational perspective in which the emotions that vibrate slower and lower are unsustainable. In your personal life, it’s shows up as releasing whatever remains from old trauma – the lower, slower vibrations of pain, suffering, and related emotions. As you release/heal, you expand into higher, happier vibrations, into a truer sense of self. Your Self. In general, living from a 5th Dimensional perspective means less suffering, more compassion. This is where your find your new anchor. Your new sense of safety. It’s where you learn to love yourself – your Self.

The question is…how?


First realize that there is always a spark of Love inside you. You can find it, and once you do, develop a relationship with it. How do you know this is true? Because you’re alive. You wouldn’t be alive if you didn’t have a GodSpark inside you. God, by whatever Name you identify the Divine, is Love. You’re alive by virtue of your GodSpark, or maybe your LoveSpark. How do you build a relationship with it? Just like you build any relationship.

You Acknowledge What’s There

“Hello? GodSpark? Are you really there? I’m lonely and scared and I desperately want – no, need to be loved. I’m not sure I believe in it any more and that terrifies me, makes me feel alone. I need to know I’m not. Nothing is familiar, lots of things hurt. Am I gonna get through this, maybe even recognize good things that are happening, too? That image of how things can be and who I can be? Can you help me?”

Or whatever’s true for you. 😉

Love your GodSpark

Give your GodSpark Quality Time. (HINT: Most effective in silence and solitude.) Talk to it, commune with it, ask it questions, listen for its answers. Tell it you love it and what you appreciate about it. Make an altar to it below a mirror, so that you can see yourSelf glow as you nurture the flame of your GodSpark. Let the knowledge that It is You ease into your awareness. It’s easier to get around blocks that way. The blocks are what stand between you and the Love that is just waiting for you to embrace it. They are the lower vibration emotions you are releasing. As you raise your vibration, you open the channel to Divinity and to peace, joy, fulfillment…lots of good stuff.

Mirror work will free you if you let it

Take baby steps. This might be more of a challenge than you expect. Gaze into your own eyes and hold the gaze even when it gets uncomfortable. Notice what you’re thinking when you want to avert your eyes. What did you learn? Mirror work helps you see what you’ve been avoiding because you’re ready to do things differently. It can dramatically shorten your trance time and heal stuff festering below the surface. My amazing friend Kate Armstrong did mirror work every day for two years. “I love you, Kate Armstrong, always have, always will.” She hugged herself as she said these words to her image in the mirror, even when parts of her scoffed and mocked her. But Kate chose to feel Love every day and everything shifted. She cleared the barriers and learned to receive the Love that is and has always been hers. It’s amazing how much stronger and happier you are when you know you’re loved.

Your Intentions

  1. See all of your Self: physical, mental (electric), emotional (magnetic), spiritual, energetic, vibrational, creator
  2. Forgive your Self
  3. Accept your Self
  4. Appreciate your Self


Your Body is your Temple. Think about the purpose of a Temple, which is to house the energy of a Sacred Being. Your body is the temple of a sacred being: You. Your Soul, your Self. It is magical and full of information and wisdom. It’s a great resource, especially as you shift from relying on 3D creator skills to embracing 5D technology – to move away from the density of suffering to the fulfillment of joy.

Mental and Emotional

The human body is an electromagnetic device. Our bodies are electric and heal with voltage. Thoughts are electric. Emotions are magnetic. Unconscious thoughts create unconscious emotional reactions. Once you become conscious of a thought, you can choose to respond rather than react. It’s life-changing.

Spiritual, Energetic, Vibrational, Creator

These words describe different aspects of the same thing. Life force. Communication. Attraction. Design. Attention affecting the Universe. They are You and You are they.

Once you understand that it’s all about energy, you start to get a handle on the concepts. Stories of past or future can be valuable, whether true or not, as long as you know they’re stories. A particular story may end up not even being personal. You decide how much you’re willing to let a particular story define your reality. You also decide what to write as you create the life you’re drawing to you.

  1. Forgive your Self – Deepen your compassion for the process of human evolution. Accept that there were things you didn’t know, that you didn’t know what you didn’t know, and that you always did the best you could, given who you were and what you were dealing with. Be gracious to yourSelf. That gives you room to be gracious with others.
  2. Accept your Self – It’s part of incarnation to have a part to play. It’s el Juego de Vida – the Game of Life. Once you embrace the fact that you are a multi-dimensional being incarnated to learn and grow in a particular environment, you see your quirks and gifts as part of the game this time. That little bit of distance can be helpful as you figure out how to play this.
  3. Appreciate your Self – Gifts are fun to use, whether clairsentience, a body coordinated and strong enough to dance or play sports, a gift of gab or with color. Music, math, awareness. What would you add to the list? Which ones make you come alive? All the things that help you lose track of time and come back refreshed, renewed, invigorated point to your path to fulfillment. Games are supposed to be fun! Be proud of yourSelf.

Embrace the sources of Love in your life.


Trees, rivers and lakes, clouds, sunshine, rain, mountains. Gardens and parks. Critters.

Spiritual practices:

Meditation, chanting, mantras, dance, singing, writing, painting, cooking…


The ones that are sacred mirrors. These are people who acknowledge your process and reflect you honestly and lovingly. They make you feel safe. They trust you to know how to manage your life. They focus on what’s working and are committed cheerleaders for you.

Love Is An Energetic Force

…that moves the beloved toward wholeness and well-being. You can only know the full power of Love when you feel it for your Self. It’s always there. Always accessible. It’s the Divine Creator who made a multi-verse based on Itself, on Love (which is Light), with some darkness thrown in so you know Light when you see it. Light=Love=Light. The Love/Light  is loving you personally. The only appropriate response is, “How can it get better than this?”

**Source **By BarbeSnow