When We Seek

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWhen we truly seek – we shall be given to the measure that we can receive. When we knock – the doors will be opened so that we can step into the higher dimensional states and find ourselves guided every single step of the way.

If we ask that the Power of Love, unconditional love, reveals its bounty in all forms and expressions thereof, we will receive and experience this is the most profound, powerful and beautiful ways – indeed, we will be left speechless, as only the heart can truly express and experience Love through the soul, the Power of Divine Love and Divine Omnipresence.

If we seek to remember the highest truth of our souls – we shall find that Divine truth reveals itself within us. For all the guidance, the knowledge, the wisdom, the love, the light, and infinite connections, lie within you. Your own heart and soul and Universal Being you in truth are, as ONE with the Divine Source, your Creator.

The more you are opening yourself to receive graciously and gratefully, all which the Divine wishes to bestow upon you, and you truly follow the guidance, the deep inner knowing, as you ever seek the Omnipresence. Indeed, you will seek and create a sacred space to communicate with the Divine, as you will find yourself lifted beyond anything you ever have known or experienced before.

The more open you become, the more you will find all which previously kept you in the lower vibrations of the 3D, starts vaporizing, as you become AS ONE with the Divine and All That IS.

For now you are allowing your own highest truth to emerge and are claiming and living the Divinity within yourself – and your soul songs rise to crescendo, as your become the Love, the Light, the Wisdom, your soul purpose and unique attributes and all you in truth are and were created to be and become and ever evolve into ever higher versions and creations of our soul.

Indeed, you claim your own Universal Soul and its Universal citizenship, and it right to traverse anywhere in the Universes, and wherever it chooses to be.

Divinity indeed is there within you, your own soul AS ONE with the Divine Source.

All is One.

Judith Kusel.