earth shining eraoflightdotcomLately many around the globe have felt a loud shift, a sonic boom of sorts, shifting them dimensionally for a moment in time as they slide between thoughts fears and misgivings. Like popping your ears at a high altitude one knows when they are no longer in the same zip code of energy.

Many have awoken from a deep sleep with a loud explosion not to be found around them in their life or in their yard. As a sonic boom of sorts flies thru the thoughts of many restlessness occurs within the physical body as these dimensional soundings make themselves more obvious within our world. When this happens a Shake Rattle and Roll occurs on a biological level, on an vibrational level and Earth level. These energies come as skyquakes announcing a dimensional shift in the outer perspective and proportions of Earth’s safety net.

As the very Earth herself redefines the needs of her planet and people needed for survival the outer facets around the earth also quake in attention. Earths outer timelines and dimensions are strummed about like a banjo. Everything bumps against itself like a cosmic pinball machine in a shark tank.

These bumps and grinds of cosmic proportion have a powerful frequency and effect; Like God in a Milky-way bowling alley the noise penetrates all life, like infrared sound it awakens ancient primal remembrances of sky-quakes their reason and Source. This causes mere mortals to be placed on high alert in fight or flight mode. What was invisible of nature is now seen in the fullness of the sky, time and the human eye. A sky alert awakens the sensory of Earth and her people. Sky quakes are sky openings, tears in time. Just what this means to us will show its true colors in the future.

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