The Cave

we are one love eraoflight“Indeed, Mary Magdalene was said to have spend long days and nights and hours in the cave. As the Cathars were also reported to have done. As the Essenes had done, as they still do in the Himalayas and elsewhere.

For when you truly seek out silence and solitude, you will be confronted with your greatest fears, your greatest insecurities, all which you ever believed true, and more than this, your own shadow side – and all which you never loved nor owned nor have forgiven within yourself and others. Add to this all shame, blame and guilt.

Indeed, when you have no where to hide anymore, and you stand there fully exposed in the Spotlight of Divine Omnipresence, where do you run to? You cannot ever run away from yourself, no matter how much you try.

Yet, at the same time, the cave becomes the sacred nurturing place, the place where one feels oneself held in the womb of Mother Earth, the place of gestation, the place where the seeds gestate and burst into form and life.

It is a place where in the deepest contemplation, one finds the greatest joy, the greatest unconditional love, and indeed here one starts experiencing Divine Love in its highest and purest form.

In such moments there is only Love. One melts into the Omnipotent Love, and thus all dissolves. There is just ONE HEART, ONE SOUL, ONE LOVE.

The mind is stilled. The words cease to be. One is in space beyond space. One is indeed the ONE. No end and no beginning. Just One.

In such moments, the Holy Spirit descends and thus the gifts of the soul and spirit merge. Suddenly the visions come, the sacred tones burst forth, the sacred texts emerge, the Light Language breaks forth in crescendo.

Ones whole being becomes a Song of Love.

A Song of Song.

An Exultation.

One is exalted.

The cave transforms into Temples of Light, Love and Wisdom, indeed the Holies of Holies.

One is now experiencing the Company of Heavens and the Omnipresence in sublimely exalted forms, which goes beyond human knowledge or expression, and thus are beyond human words and limitations.

The cave indeed becomes a place of transfiguration!

Yet, to come to this place, one first needed to lay upon the sacred altar, all which was there blocking or hindering – all the old ego negating everything, the old fears, the old Adam and Old Eve and all the ancestral programming, the earthly belief systems and false ideals and false knowledge.

For when one experiences the highest exultation, one also is humbled, for one realizes that there is vastness of experiences, of knowledge, of sheer Presence, which one indeed has not even an inkling of, yet the soul indeed can expand into this, via Omnipresence itself.

Indeed, one is experiencing the expanded Divine Love which goes beyond all understanding, all feeling, all thinking and all else.

One can only become Unconditional Love, when one finally lies down all separation within oneself, all which separates the self from the self, and indeed, all which is there fearfully imprisoning the soul when the heart is hardened.

When the heart is cleaved open, and even more open, and Divine Love pours in, there are tears: not of woe but tears of Joy! Joy beyond joy, love beyond love.



Holy, holy, holy.

Sacred, sacred, sacred.

The cave indeed becomes the Temple of Light, The Temple of Love and The Temple of Wisdom – for all true Wisdom is the Eternal Knowledge of the Divine and Divinity and Divinity, embracing the eternal Tree of Live and the Living Waters of Life.

Such is the sublime gift of the cave.”

Copyright Applies: excerpt from the book I am writing.

Judith Kusel.