The Blessing

divine love eraoflightdotcomWhat you bestow on blessings upon others returns to you. We have forgotten how to bless those we love, we have forgotten how to bless places, people, things, creation.

In ancient times the parents would, when the son or daughter reached maturity, have a ceremony of blessings. Indeed, blessing your children, with all the love in your heart and then giving them the freedom to live their own lives, is the greatest of all blessings you can bestow on them.

Indeed, that is why water and food, when blessed changes into the highest vibrations.

More than this, sacred places, and consecrated places, exude a higher energy than anywhere else and such places become a living blessing to all who visit there.

I am not only of talking buildings here, I am talking about the Sacred Energy Centers of Mother Earth, and indeed she is blessed as well and is a blessing.

Indeed one can create ones own sacred and blessed place, which become a sacred and blessed space.

A home which is blessed and consecrated becomes a sacred sanctuary, a place of love and blessings.

I was reading something a year years ago, where this man was saying that before he has union with his wife, he asks for blessings for himself and herself, so that their union may be blessed with the deepest and most sacred of love. He said that since they both did this, their love and respect and trust for one another has grown, and their union has indeed grown into something very rare and precious, and indeed was blessed.

I was sharing with my students yesterday evening, the importance of blessing. This is after I had a random conversation with a shop assistant yesterday, about learning to bless the energy of money, which in her case she was lamenting she did not have. I asked her to instead of focusing on lack, or the lack of, and the fear of not having enough, she would instead shift into being grateful for what she did have, and then learn to bless the energy of money (the energy of money is neutral. What you project onto it, what you draw more of into your life) and then bless the energy every time she worked with it, e.g. making sales and every card transaction. More than this, I blessed her when I left, and I could see how her whole face had lit up and her energy too.

I am sharing this today, for indeed, we may ask for blessings in our lives and we may ask that our whole life becomes a blessing.

Yet, know that blessings will naturally flow, if you are grateful for the blessings in your life and indeed, spend a few moments every single day, just saying thank you for all and everything.

When I was going through a very though time in my life, working in the foreign land and having to face dire conditions, and constraints, such as never before, a dear friend who was Godsent to be there, said that she knew exactly what I was going through. For they had indeed also come to this land, in search of a better life. She then said to me that when she started to ask for blessings and indeed that these expanded, their whole life changed. Indeed, what she was talking about, was following the Jabez prayer. At that time there was a book which was a bestseller, called the Jabez prayer, which was all about one single verse in the Bible. In this prayer, there is the following diamond hidden: “Please bless me and increase my territory!”

Since, then I have applied it with amazing results. Indeed my whole life changed, slowly but surely. I learnt to see the blessings in my life, and indeed to ask that I become a blessing.

Yet, know that I had to change my whole programming, my belief systems, and whatever came up for me that I needed to reexamine and often to learn that when fears and insecurities came up, I needed to do the inner work, dive right into the wounds, the programming, and then with Higher Hands, learn to release this, and to concentrate on living life in a much higher way. One can never get past the inner work which needs to be done and taking full responsibility for one’s own life and wellbeing, supported in full by the Divine.

There is not single heart-felt prayer which is not heard – nor answered. Yet to often we become ungrateful for the gift and more than this do you find fault with the gifts given by the Divine?

Our prayers are so often answered in ways we may not always recognize but afterwards see as blessings in disguise.

To me the greatest of all blessings is to be in the company of the Divine and experience Omnipresence in ways I cannot even put into words. Those moment by heart and soul just overflow with gratitude in all and every way and form. Indeed, the deepest joy is found in utter ONENESS with the Divine and all and everything.

When we start becoming grateful for all and everything, something deep within us shifts. We start appreciating the true blessings in our lives, which are often way beyond anything that money can buy – not what we own or do not own. Indeed, the greatest blessings is that of inner peace and contentment, and Divine Love, Light and Support in overflowing.

Are you a blessing to others?

Are you grateful for the blessings in your life?

Are you asking for blessings today?

Are you finding the blessings and are you grateful for them?

May you be blessed into the deepest core of your heart and soul and all that you are, as you are.

Judith Kusel.