Message from Babaji: Action

babaji eraoflightdotcomPHURO, BE INSPIRED!

Stay in peace, stay in trust in God – that’s all!

The great revolution is underway. Great upheavals are occurring and the change that is transforming everything and everyone can no longer be ignored. Many are frozen with fear and some look to the future with trepidation. I say to you:

PHURO, be inspired and embrace the New Era with enthusiasm!

No one can harm you if you stand firm in yourselves and stay connected to God in your heart.

God knows you, God loves you, God cares for you! So do not worry, unless you love the worries more than yourself.

I am in the midst of you! I came to establish peace and unity among people. My presence is proverbial: whoever calls me with all his heart, I stand by him; whoever longs for me from the depths of his soul, I hasten to meet him.

You are worried about how the world will develop. What is yet to come and will the restrictions on freedom continue to increase? Are the interventions against a virus that a healthy person can easily cope with on his own, the stepping stone for dark entities to control or even kill you? What is the role of vaccination in this?

Beloved human being,

believe in the good! Believe in the good powers of heaven! They will always help you!

Forget hope, it will get you nowhere. Believe and trust!

Let yourself fall deeply into God, engage deeply in your knowledge, and discern accurately:

What you perceive now is the last act in the old play. This performance will soon be stopped and everything will dissolve – like the mist in the morning sun.

Disregard the fear propaganda and strengthen yourself daily through prayer, meditation and direct surrender to God.


Avoid taking substances that harm your body, cloud your mind, and cut you off from your very own feelings.

Your body is a sacred vessel. Pay close attention to how you use it. It’s easy to figure out what’s good for you and what’s bad for you.

It is even easier to determine what the Corona vaccines really do in the end, based on the tireless educational work of people who really love people. But no one can do the work of figuring this out for you. How can I give you advice if you refuse to see the obvious?

Please get yourself moving! Stand up and rise! See through the deception of the deceivers and the lies of the liars! That is the point now: to keep your nerve and stay with yourself through constant connection with God!

Peace and unity are the goal of all mankind! That’s what it’s all about now and that’s what you have to work for now. Who remains inactive, wastes his life. To be active, where you are and with the abilities you have!

Your happiness is not something that waits for you in the far distance, but is the gift that is ready for you now, here and today.

If external circumstances prevent you from experiencing it, then change your perspective and not the circumstances.

This earth is transforming back to what it once was: a place of God’s love – and people are transforming with it.

Today we are in the phase where this transformation is to be blocked by entities of cold light. All efforts in this direction are desperate acts of desperate people.


Note this: This is a time phenomenon and not permanent! The phenomena and restrictions which prevail at present will pass.

Remain unimpressed with what is happening all around you.

Say NO, in the right places, and say YES, when it comes to getting closer to God.

Why it is going on now for the dark entities is to stop as many people as possible from awakening and to cut them off from the inner connection to the Divine. For this reason alone, there are vaccines that are being hurriedly spread.

This is the opportunity for you to wake up and say NO. The obvious has never been so obvious, the inhuman has never been so abundantly revealed to man.

JJK: Just today, while I was receiving this message, a reader wrote to us, “Stupid run, smart wait, wise go to the garden.” And he added, “We’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the garden this year and probably beyond.”


BABAJI: Never fear the consequences of the system, but trust your human mind and the decisions inspired by your divine spirit.

PHURO, be inspired! Let your divine consciousness guide you through this time – wisdom needs consciousness.

Hasty action out of fear is the opposite of it! Enjoy the garden of wisdom that is spreading in your soul. Time is not a measure for people who are attached to their timeless being.

What you see now is the final act of the play.

As soon as the curtain falls, each person has made his choice – then he is recognized and he recognizes himself.

Enter into conflicts where they are unavoidable, beyond that live your life – in peace and in joy. I am with you at all times.

Gratitude and peace, love and self-love are placed in the hearts of people. Happiness and joy are the gift of God. Everything is prepared for you to make your choice based on this happening of time.

Now I want to see deeds, deeds that show heaven and earth who you are and where you really want to go, deeds worthy of a human being and worthy of divine consciousness.

What do you really want, beloved human being?

I love you infinitely,


**Source **Channel: Jahn Kassl