The Present Moment

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe Present moment is in truth the only moment you have to, truly live. The past has gone forever, and the Old Earth is already in the past, existing in holographic form only. The Future you

The Blessing

divine love eraoflightdotcomWhat you bestow on blessings upon others returns to you. We have forgotten how to bless those we love, we have forgotten how to bless places, people, things, creation

The Cave

we are one love eraoflight“Indeed, Mary Magdalene was said to have spend long days and nights and hours in the cave. As the Cathars were also reported to have done. As the Essenes had done, as they still do in the


earth shining eraoflightdotcomLately many around the globe have felt a loud shift, a sonic boom of sorts, shifting them dimensionally for a moment in time as they slide between thoughts fears and misgivings. Like popping

Sea Glass

energy waves eraoflightdotcomAs we all reach another round of energetic virtual and celestial interface, we begin to feel tumbled like a dryer that has gone on too long thru too many cycles of time. We feel both shrunken and stretched

Removing the Seems of Self

the light within eraoflightdotcomWhen I was a little girl I loved to play with paper dolls (of course it was the 50’s slim pickens for toys) I don’t even know if the kids nowadays know what a paper doll is but in the old days it brought