Compassionate Witnessing & Protection of our Sacred Space

lightworker eraoflightdotcomBeloved Ones,

As we approach the Equinox, with the Sun and Venus doing the same in Aries, many of you will begin to feel the intensity and the difference, in nature, of the new current planetary frequencies. Energies that reflect the acceleration that our timeline is now experiencing, due to the new level of consciousness embodied. Many are resurrecting from a long time of being in the darkness, releasing all illusions with Pisces, where we begin this endless path of ascension, and finally emerging into the clarity of Aries, regaining back their personal power.

This is where many find themselves now, retrieving their personal power and clarity about where they desire to go next, which is why the creation of healthy boundaries is so important to be able to make the right decisions that are aligned with our authentic soul path. Therefore, it is at this time when we most will see the desperate efforts of many, as well as the speed in which they try to fulfill their intents, to regain control by using extreme tactics.

It is now when we most need to act as compassionate witnesses and begin the process of conscious liberation of anything that have been implanted upon our physical bodies, if the case, and that shall be released, in terms of its manipulated fake programming, for only our inner Light commands our body and DNA, and no one or anything else can.

This is a time for us not to be anxious or act impulsively, but to honor what is taking place, for all plays an important part within Creation. A role that we cannot totally see as humans but that is equally important for the evolution of the Divine’s Plan. It is now that we should not deviate our intention and attention, both precious abilities, of what is truly important, and that is regaining the control our personal sacred space, from outer attacks and or malicious intentions. Otherwise, we will be falling into the trap of believing that fighting is the only response towards what is taking place, as this is how they regain power, by distracting us from retrieving our personal space and ability to be the only ones commanding it.

We have ahead a wonderful month for us to begin the process of disintegration of lower energies, programs that have been self-created, inflicted or imposed, which is the most important focus at this time, depending on where we are in our evolutionary process. Many are worried about the vaccine, and others see in it as a salvation. I witness from a complete, or try to, detached perspective, for all plays like I shared, an important role. Our main aim is to remember that whatever it is that we believe, we will create.

No one has the power, on the contrary on what is often believed, to create for us. Our DNA and hence rest of our body, only responds to our authority, the same we only shall respond to our Illumined or Unified Self, not to outer forces, for it does not recognize them as authentic sources. Therefore, informing ourselves, and the first and most important source of information is always within, is pivotal and not panicking about something that we cannot control but that we can personally shift, from wihthin.

At this time is where the majority who are awakening are beginning to experience a mental transformation, necessary for them to begin the process of programing releasement as well as retrieval of authentic wisdom and clarity to continue their unique path, with integrity and compassion.

To be able to remain in our sacred spaces, discerning about what we truly desire to do and co-create with, during this challenging time for many, Guides shared that the best is to neutralize the lower energies as well as other intents from others whose purposes are not coming from a loving source. To do so, we do not use the energy of anger, for it will not bring the desired result. To create the desired result of self-protection, we first go within, calm ourselves and witness the situation from a wider perspective.

After having reached a peaceful state of being, we begin creating an energetic blue or white wall, depending on what color feels best for you, in my case I use electric blue, in which we are going to visualize any specific attack that we are receiving, whether from governments, a specific person etc. that will impede this person or situation that we are visualizing to come to us. We build this wall from a loving and compassionate space, never from a space of anger, for it will impact us back, and will not serve to lovingly protect us.

When we surrender and know that we are natural protected and that other’s malicious intentions can only affect us if we invite this lower energy into our life, we then realize that nothing can truly touch us, not because we are superior, for we are all equal, but because we have finally regain consciousness of how energy works and of the Universal Laws that even though we have free will in this plane, make sure that we are organically protected in terms of energy and space commanding, and no one can trespass this, unless we accept their invitation.

Once we create this loving wall we will see others fighting to cross it, whether with their words, acts or any other tactic they are using to disturb our inner pace, without any success. The result of their actions will simply rebounce upon them, having no impact on our peacefully space. They will eventually get tired to try, for when there is no intention to fight back, there is no energetic agreement or permission for co-creation, in whatever way we choose to do so.

Protection, and remaining in our sacred space is a birthright, it is not a sign of weakness or fragmentation from others, but a sign of self-love and respect towards ourselves and how we choose to build our own space. No one else has the right to invade it, unless we desire to equally co-create. Therefore, we all should begin the day by creating, in our unique way, a self-defense technique that begins by simply commanding our sacred space, with the clear decree that no one else has power over it but ourselves.

Planet Earth is experiencing a transition like never before in Creation. It is now that we shall protect our space of the many lower intents to disitibilize our loving will to help, and begin to act as compassionate witness and Earth’s guardians that we once chose to be.

Only by compassionately witnessing others, accepting their choice, and refraining ourselves from interfering in other’s lives, is that we are precisely respecting the way they chose to evolve, as well as our own way to do so, for the more we try to fight, and change others or their choices, the less that we are acting with compassion, and the more that we are interfering – creating unnecessary karma – by trying to impose our will, when others are choosing different experiences.

At this tumultuous, but wonderful time at the same time, for all is how we choose to see events, remain always in the Illumined Essence of your Soul, Beloved Ones. For only by choosing to hold peace and love for All, in your heart, is that you spread assistance and compassion to All Creation.

Thank you for your loving contribution to Unity Consciousness, at every single moment, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba