The Present Moment

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomThe Present moment is in truth the only moment you have to, truly live. The past has gone forever, and the Old Earth is already in the past, existing in holographic form only. The Future you, is created in this very moment by yourself: With every thought you think, With every word you speak for words have power (sound vibration and frequencies). With every action you take. What is it you truly wish to create?

More the same as has been in the past and thus the old patterns, the old fears, the old you and all the emotional baggage which created the negative patterns of relating etc.?

Or do you truly wish to leave all of this behind forever and concentrate in this very moment in creating the best you, the greatest and most Love-filled, inspired Master Soul you, you in truth are?

The Choice is yours.

When you have a vision, a calling, a purpose greater than the sum of you, you will indeed start living it, by acting in this present moment, and co-creating it. Every little step is indeed transforming you into your future self, and indeed in living that vision, that calling, that purpose from the heart, soul and all of your being.

I was given such a vision this weekend, and I recorded it in my journal and then sketched it as best I could. To me it was symbolic, for I was entering this in the last pages of journal. For it was symbolic to me, that I had completed another chapter in my life story on earth, and that I was ready to step into a totally new and much higher life and new beginnings and indeed, that is what I did when I opened my new journal and expanded on the visions and indeed wrote a prayer of thanksgiving.

I always encourage my students to keep journals and write and sketch in them, for I have found that my journals become my books, and indeed, when I look back, I can see how I was led, transformed and indeed guided every single step of the way. So many of my visions have come true, and indeed, when one realizes you are living the vision – tears of gratitude and awe and wonder well up.

For there is a much Greater Divine Masterplan at work here – much greater than we can even be aware of and in the in the middle of the greatest New Birth and the rising of the New Earth, and new Humanity, such as never has been witnessed ever before!

What joy to experience and behold this!

Indeed to be a living part of it!

Judith Kusel