Life Tapestry Creations: Your Giddiness Has Arrived

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

The current energies might surprise you, for they are different than any you have experienced to date.

These new energies will encourage you to jump, skip, and run. Maybe not literally, but most certainly internally. For it will be as if your joyous holidays are wrapped together in a package you cannot wait to open.

You will be more childlike than ever before. Think of your most joyous day of this life and multiple that by ten.

Many of you, including Brenda, question that a light switch of sorts could change your life that dramatically. Even so, your giddiness, your sunshine after eons of clouds, has finally arrived.

Some of you will display that giddiness outwardly, and others of you will contain it within until you test the validity of that feeling for days or weeks.

This new sensation will seem as if everything you wished for has fallen into place – and so it has. Not necessarily the way you anticipated when you first created that wish, but as is most appropriate for your new being, and therefore, the world.

How long will this giddiness/ joy last? You are now on the giddiness path.

You have cleared and humbled yourself. And by so doing, you found an internal love you did not realize existed when you were of 3D. You are ready to accept new you in a new world in ways you could not have just weeks ago.

You are approaching this new earth with new senses – something those remaining in 3D will not necessarily understand or care.

That 3D dismissal will be somewhat like a toddler waiting for their infant brother or sister to become their playmate. That toddler does not find the coos and cries of the their infant sibling entertaining, merely bothersome. So it will be for you and those of 3D.

Those of 3D will think you a bit “off,” silly, or not of this world. And, of course, all will be true of their vision of you.

Those who have gone beyond 3D will find you forerunners mesmerizingly joyful. They will wish to be with you, to catch the joy you found despite 3D world events.

You will not only be beacons, but you will shine so brightly and with so much fun that you will be a pied piper of joy.

Some of you find such a thought horrifying, for you do not wish to have others listening to or watching you. As is true for every aspect of your new being, you will create the path correct for you. You will easily switch your light, your joy from personal to worldly, whenever you wish.

No command insists you display your joy. The only difference between those who wish to display their joy and those who wish to remain in their private world is choice.

You have transitioned beyond guidance about utilizing your new giddiness/joy.

No longer do you need us, of the Universes, or anyone telling you how to apply the energies we are outlining – or any future energies. For you will do what you need to do at the appropriate time.

We merely wish to inform you that you are entering a new and exciting part of your transition.

You are like a newborn earth infant who is uncomfortable entering the earth plane only to discover the joys, smiles, and giggles the earth plane can provide. Multiple that infant joy ten times, and you will understand how dramatic your new energies will be for you and those around you.

Some of you question how you are to use those energies. And the answer is; however you want. Your path is generated from within.

Will you act silly or do something that might frighten or upset others? Maybe. But it is far more likely that your beaming joy will encourage others to determine how you discovered that joy. And so the waves following you who did not create a ‘new you’ path before birth, as did you forerunners and the three or so waves following, will wish to feel as joyful as you.

Your beacon is not about standing on a soapbox and proclaiming your rightness. It is about being you in whatever way feels most right for you.

Do not fret; your beacon of joy will present itself naturally. You do not need to do or be anything other than follow your joy. So be it. Amen.

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