Tim of Agartha: Assignments

earth shining eraoflightdotcomHello all wonderful earthlings – no one mentioned and no one forgotten. Tim here. As always, I am grateful to reach this channel. Beloved Brothers and Sisters. You all know why you chose the, sometimes very difficult, tasks that you have chosen to perform in this mortal life. You are the ones who NEVER GIVE UP.

Because you all knew that you would be able to carry out your assignments, you really wanted in your heart to be born into this very life, in this time, in this place and in the family that you have chosen. Sometimes you have all asked yourself why you did not choose an easier life. But as you know by now (I just want to confirm it for you) everything has been adapted to your own wishes to be able to develop for EVERYONE’s best – including your Beloved Mother Earth of course.

You are the empaths, you are the future / returning Masters, you are the most Beloved of nature and the earth. You are the ones who worked for the return of Light in many lives. You are the ones who have gathered the darkest, heaviest experiences and the deepest wisdom. Everything is now transformed into Light and you begin to see the Whole more and more, see the Source / God’s purpose with Gaia’s development.

More and more people wake up every second, rub their eyes and wonder why they did not have eyes to see. Only now, in this time, is everything revealed. The truth goes straight into the hearts opened by the Light.

You Lightworkers, it’s time now to step forward and confirm the discoveries of these newly awakened souls. Confirm the Light and Love that has always been there. Tell us that you have now all left the power of darkness and that you are FREE.

The time of joy is NOW. Celebrate, dance, play and enjoy this fantastic transition phase.
(I, Kjerstin, hear the cranes trumpet in the background)

The frustration, the vacuum and the feeling of stagnation / that nothing happens, that you all probably feel sometimes – it is an illusion, a last remnant of slower energies. Follow the flow of Light, enjoy the NOW. Have confidence that EVERYTHING GOES ACCORDING TO GOD’S PLAN.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we will soon meet again in the physical. Until then, we maintain contact through messages in various ways.

Pay attention to what your Heart and thus your intuition tells you. You know; there you all carry your Truth. The Truth About Everything, Unity.

Learn from the kids. As our friend Jesus said, “Be like a child.”

Learn from Mother Earth, from the four elements. Be in the elements. Grow, swim, light candles and fires, be out in nature, in the air and in the Sunlight. See the message of nature and animals. Listen with your heart and you will get the encouragement and the confirmation you need to be able to move forward in the moment, in the NOW in your heart.

I love you, all Earthlings.

With Love, admiration and respect. See you later.

Is everyone’s Brother Tim

(When the cranes trumpeted in the middle of this message, I, Kjerstin, got a 90s song in my head. It has returned often in recent days and made me both sing, light candles and feel hope. I remember the text like this:

Light a Candle and let it burn.
Never let hope disappear.

It’s dark now,
But it gets brighter again.

Light a Candle for everything you believe in,
for this planet we live on.

Light a Candle for the Children of the Earth!

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Kjerstin Sisilla