Judas Iskariot: Change Taking Place

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI’m Judas and today I have some things to say to you. First of all, I want to make you aware that it is within yourself that a change must first take place. It is as we have said before … that it is in the light of yourselves that a change can take place, in your inner as well as in your outer world. It is in love for yourselves, for each other, for the earth on which you live, that change can take place in the way you desire and believe. You create a change in love, because the energy of love is a penetrating energy on Earth today. You who use that energy will see your creations being manifested in a faster and more efficient way than has previously been possible. It is now time, dear people on Earth, to create only new in light and love for one’s neighbor. It is when we do something for others that we feel best. The joy in your brother’s or sister’s face is the joy that gives you double joy. Many people are now experiencing this and they are beginning to realize what is important in life. Life is first and foremost about giving, one gives the other, but it is giving that is the primary thing in everything we do. This is when the wind turns and caresses our heads, this is when the children play and laugh while they happily try to catch the wind and its whimsical arts. It is then that we share everything between us and sing to the song of the wind that brings this song to all corners of the Earth. That is when happiness begins to smile at people again and they stretch out their hands in gratitude, because they now understand that generosity and love go hand in hand. It is impossible to distinguish one from the other.

Now think, dear Earthlings, that we share the Earth’s resources, you see that everyone gets what they need, and you then see that suffering will soon become a memory only from previous epochs of ignorance and ignorance. It is about development, dear friends, an inner development of compassion and love and that is where the Earth and humanity are now heading. It’s getting faster and faster and what happened yesterday can be something completely new today. Development cannot be stopped, it affects the whole Earth today. It is a development that affects the awareness of yourself, the Earth, other people and the world as it looks today. Everything interacts and drives development forward in different ways. It cannot stagnate, it is driven by the light that is within and around you. The fate of the Earth is now to rise into the light and the same applies to you, dear Earthlings. It may look dark in some places, but it is only remnants of the darkness that the Earth and you yourself have created over the millennia that have passed. They have now come to the surface to be seen, cut and released for a higher perspective that is now making its mark on Earth. Some have begun to embrace the higher perspective, and they have begun to sow completely different seeds on Earth. This group grows stronger from day to day and some of their seeds have taken root and started to germinate. They have now become visible and can influence others, who in turn can gain a greater perspective on the life they live. It can lead to them starting to re-evaluate their lives and releasing some of their old values ​​to give the higher perspective of love and compassion a bigger place.

Humans are now changing at an ever faster pace everywhere on Earth today. The light reaches more and more hearts. You are in the center of events of good and evil, but the good takes more and more place in your hearts today.

Be in good spirits, dear Earthlings, you are doing a fantastic job with yourselves and you can soon see that it will give a response in the world that you have created. You are now creating a new world of light, love and freedom.

Great love


**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Ann Dahlberg